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Easy to make Chilindrón Chicken Recipe

This recipe is a preparation with sauce very typical of cuisine of Spain . To make it we can use lamb or chicken, and season it with red vegetables. Its base consists of tomatoes, red pepper or paprika and plenty of fresh garlic. I invite you to continue reading this recipe and prepare this delicious chilindrón chicken .

Chilindrón Chicken Recipe
Chilindrón Chicken Recipe

How to make chilindrón chicken:

First step is to pre-list the ingredients to be able to make chilindrón chicken . We are going to make the concasse tomatoes . To do this, we remove the seeds and skin by making a cross cut on tips of the tomatoes as shown in the photograph.

Then, we put a pot over medium heat with a little water and, once we see that water is boiling or boiling, we add tomatoes. We leave them in water for 30 seconds, it is important that they do not exceed one minute since we do not want to cook them. Once this time has elapsed, take them to a bowl with cold water and remove skin and seeds , you will see how easy they come out!

Bring a pot to medium heat with a little sunflower oil, add chicken (breast and legs) with a little salt and pepper to taste, all we have to do is seal meat so that it does not lose its juices during  cooking. subsequent cooking. Remove it and reserve it.

In pot where we seal chicken, add white onion and bell pepper or paprika.

Add tomato without seeds or skin, as advice I suggest adding sugar to counteract the acidity of the tomatoes. Add water to cover vegetables with a little bay leaf and thyme to taste. Let sauce cook for approximately 15-20 minutes. Once this time has elapsed, remove from heat and let it cool so that we can process or blend sauce for chilindrón chicken .

Easy to make Chilindrón Chicken Recipe
Easy to make Chilindrón Chicken Recipe

Bring base sauce of our recipe to low heat again and add  chicken that we had reserved, let it cook over low heat for 15-20 minutes making sure that sauce of our chicken always covers pieces of meat. Before serving, add a little white wine and let liquor evaporate.

Serve chicken chilindrón recipe bathing preparation with plenty of sauce, you must sprinkle almonds to each of dishes and, if you wish, decorate with any herb that you like, in this case add a little oregano to taste. If you want more recipes with chicken and you have any comments or concerns, write to us. Enjoy!

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