Chicken Wrap with Ham And Cheese Recipe

Chicken Wrap roll with ham and cheese is a simple staple to prepare in every home. A low-calorie dish that can also be served with lettuce as a side. In addition to this option of filling with sweet ham and cheese, we also offer you other options so that you do not abandon your healthy habits.Wondering how to make a delicious chicken wrap with ham and cheese ? Don’t miss out on this recipe and keep reading on Free Recipes!

How to make Ham and Cheese Chicken Wrap:

Chicken wrap with ham and cheese recipe
Chicken wrap with ham and cheese recipe

To start preparing this easy recipe for rolled chicken with ham and cheese, you must first cut the supreme in half with the help of a knife . Be careful not to cut yourself,Next, cover your counter with a rectangle of plastic wrap a little larger than the top one. On it, add one of the parts of the supreme, cover it with a separator and stretch it a little with the help of a kitchen hammer or a rolling pin .Season the supreme with the garlic powder . If you prefer, you can replace this seasoning with smoked paprika. In this way, you will achieve a flavor more similar to smoked bacon, but with much less fat.

Cover the supreme with 2 slices of ham and 30 grams of cheese .

You should place the cheese at one end so that it is well compact inside.And if you also want to learn how to cook a delicious potato roll , keep reading.Roll the supreme from the end where you have placed the cheese to the opposite side . From the ends of the film, twist the wrap like a candy so that it fits snugly. Close the edges with a knot and set them aside. You can see this step in the following video.

Cook the chicken wraps with ham and cheese.

Cook the chicken wraps with ham and cheese.
Cook the chicken wraps with ham and cheese.

In a strong oven (200 ºC) for approximately 15 minutes. If you don’t want to turn on the oven, you can cook them boiled for the same time.After that time, remove the wraps from the oven and cut the plastic wrap with kitchen scissors.You can now serve and enjoy this easy recipe. We recommend a fresh salad or a mixed puree as an accompaniment. Ready and eat the delicious chicken rolls with ham and cheese !

Chicken Wrap

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Other versions of the chicken roll

In addition to the baked chicken breast wrap, you can also make the supreme ones with other ingredients :

1 Sautéed onions.
2 Julienne vegetables.
3 Spinach and cheese.
4 Arugula leaves, hydrated dried tomatoes and Parmesan cheese.
5 Ham and hard-boiled egg.
6 Roasted bell peppers and hard-boiled egg.
7  We encourage you to try these chicken rolls stuffed with ham and cheese. Share in the comments the photo of the result!