How to make Chicken Wok Recipe

Delicious chicken and vegetable wok with a touch of honey. Perfect to accompany rice, noodles or as a single dish. Coming from the traditional culture of Southeast Asia, it is a healthy dish, but very, very tasty. Keep reading and learn with to prepare chicken wok the easy way.

How to make Chicken Wok:

To make this tasty chicken and vegetable wok , first we will cut the peppers and carrots in julienne strips, the mushrooms in slices and we will chop the leek / onion (I have done it with leek, but it is also worth doing it with onion, as it will serve us to give more flavour).

Chicken Wok Recipe
Chicken Wok Recipe

Next we pour the chicken broth and put it to heat in the wok (I have done it with half a Maggi tablet dissolved in a glass of water). The leek and the mushrooms are added so that they are poached in the broth over low-medium heat (keep checking).Meanwhile, the other vegetables (which would need more time to cook) are put in a microwave-safe container to steam (Lékué, for example).In case you don’t have them, they can be put in a plastic bag, which is tightly closed.

A the microwave for 8 minutes at 850 kW and then added to the wok. If you prefer to do everything in the wok, put them directly next to the leek and mushrooms (but keep in mind that in this case the cooking time will be longer).While we cook the vegetables (either in the microwave or in the wok), we take the chicken thighs and remove any fat and nerves that they may have. Then we cut them into small pieces. You can also use breast, but the thigh or thigh is preferable as it is more tasty.

When the vegetables are al dente, add the chopped chicken.

stir and also add the two tablespoons of honey and a splash of soy (to taste). We leave to cook a while more so that the chicken is done. We will control the amount of broth in case it is necessary to add a little more so that it does not stick, or, if you prefer, a little olive oil.

Chicken Wok Recipe 2022
Chicken Wok Recipe 2022

When everything is ready, turn off the heat and we can plate the wok of chicken and vegetables with honey.In my case, I decided to accompany this delicious chicken wok with some Yakisoba style noodles , but it can also be good with rice , with potatoes or as a single dish … Enjoy! If you liked the Chicken Wok recipe ,

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