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How to make Chicken with garlic and lemon recipe

Take a look at this easy lemon chicken recipe to learn how to make this delicious dish thanks to FreeRecipes.To prepare this chicken with garlic and lemon you only need a few ingredients and very little preparation so in less than 1 hour you can have this perfect main dish for any meal.

In this case I have used chicken thighs to cook them in the oven with lemon and garlic but if you do not like them or you do not feel like, you can prepare this recipe with other parts of the chicken, although I recommend that you do not choose the breasts because you put them in the oven they tend to be quite dry.Learn how to prepare this tasty and healthy baked lemon chicken ideal for any occasion.

How to make Lemon Garlic Chicken:

To start making this garlic chicken with lemon, we put the chicken thighs on a baking tray and season them.We put the chicken thighs in the oven for 15 minutes at 180º C so that they brown a little on the outside.

Chicken with garlic and lemon recipe
Chicken with garlic and lemon recipe

Once the chicken has been browned, we add the herbs , the parsley, the lemon cut into slices, the whole garlic and the white wine. Then we put the lemon chicken back in the oven for 45 more minutes at 150º C.Tip: If you prefer the roasted chicken with garlic with lemon to be tastier, add minced garlic and lemon juice squeezed on the thighs.

Once this time has passed

Chicken with garlic and lemon recipe 2022
Chicken with garlic and lemon recipe 2022

We take it out and check that it is well cooked or if it lacks time, this depends on how big the thighs are. With this dish of chicken with garlic and lemon, we recommend any garnish, such as some baked potatoes , some sautéed vegetables , a green salad , some roasted peppers, etc. And to drink, a young rosé or red wine.If you liked the recipe for Chicken with garlic and lemon ,

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