How to make Chicken wire recipe

Here we present a typical recipe in Mexican homes. The chicken wire is a different option to share with your family.  we bring you this dish that you can prepare at any time of the year and that everyone will surely love.

How to make chicken wire:

To start with the chicken wire you must chop the peppers into cubes and the onion into thin strips. Reserve them.Do the same with the mushrooms and set them aside.Put the onion in a saucepan with hot oil and fry it until it becomes transparent.

Chicken wire recipe
How to make Chicken wire recipe

Add the peppers, ham, and bacon and cook for 10 minutes . Add the diced chicken , mushrooms and season with salt and pepper. Let it cook in its entirety and remove from the heat.Tip: To enhance the flavor of the chicken wire you can add a little maggi juice and Worcestershire sauce. This is one of the most common ways to consume fried chicken and is usually made by coating the breaded strips in plenty of oil to make them brown and crispy.

Put some of the chicken wire.

Some shredded Oaxaca cheese on a plate . Microwave for 2 minutes and serve immediately. Remember that you can accompany this delicious Mexican wire with some good Mexican corn tortillas . Don’t miss our recipe for nopales in red sauce to complete your Mexican menu. Once ready, pass them on absorbent paper to remove excess fat.

Chicken wire recipe 2022
How to make Chicken wire recipe 2022

If you liked the Chicken Wire recipe , we suggest you enter our Chicken Recipes category . You can also visit a selection of the best Mexican recipes . This dish is also ideal to serve as a snack or an aperitif. If you liked this recipe, have any comments or concerns, give us your opinion.

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