How to make Chicken wings recipe in artisan BBQ sauce

Among the many American cuisine recipes that we try daily, BBQ chicken wings are undoubtedly one of the most famous. The secret to making authentic American-style wings is in the sauce, so if you want to discover the details and prepare your own BBQ wings in the oven, follow the step by step of this delicious recipe.

How to make chicken wings in artisanal BBQ sauce:

List all the ingredients. In a saucepan add the tomato sauce, orange juice, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, white wine vinegar and brown sugar. Bring to the fire until it boils. Bring to a frying pan on the skin side over low heat until golden brown and crisp, Clean the excess fat from the breast and on this make a grid without reaching the meat, season.

Chicken wings recipe in artisan BBQ sauce
Chicken wings recipe in artisan BBQ sauce

Add the spices, stir constantly over low heat for 15 minutes , rectify the flavor with the lemon juice. Add the vinegar and orange juice, reduce by half, add the duck broth and reduce by half or until it has the consistency of syrup. Divide the wings by the joint. Salt and pepper and seal over high heat in a skillet.

Cut thin strips with the orange peels.

Without using the white part since this makes the preparation bitter. Put on the fire from cold water until it boils, repeat this operation at least 5 times. Incorporate the wings in a special refractory mold for the oven, glaze with the BBQ sauce and bake at 180 ° C for 15 minutes.

Chicken wings recipe in artisan BBQ sauce 2022
Chicken wings recipe in artisan BBQ sauce 2022

Serve the chicken wings in BBQ sauce accompanied with celery, carrots and sour cream . If you like American recipes, you may like these others as well:

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