How to make Chicken thighs recipe with wine

Today is another of my favorite dishes. It had been a long time since I had prepared it and since it was not posted on the blog , I decided to cook it and here I bring it to you. It is a very simple recipe and the result is a delicious dish .

I recommend that you use a rich wine, in the end the taste is not the same if you use a moderately decent wine to one of the very cheap ones. Any part of the chicken can be used but always without skin. I always choose the thighs, which are very good for this dish.

How to make chicken thighs in wine:

In the pot, where we will prepare the recipe, brown the chicken (previously we will salt it to taste) lightly on both sides and reserve. We will remove the excess oil since we only need a little to poach the onion.Chop the onion into small pieces and add it to the pot to poach. When we have the poached onion.

Chicken thighs recipe with wine
Chicken thighs recipe with wine

Add the crushed garlic cloves, the ham and the mushrooms and stir everything well, letting it cook for a couple of minutes.After 2 minutes, add the chicken and wine, bring it to a boil and immediately lower it to low heat. Let cook for about 1 hour until the meat is tender. During that hour of cooking, the pot must be covered.

When the meat is ready.

We will mix the starch and the 3 tablespoons of wine in a glass and pour it little by little into the pot, stirring well so that it mixes with the sauce. The mixture of starch and wine should not be too thick or too soupy. Let it cook for 3 – 4 more minutes and the dish will be ready.

Chicken thighs recipe with wine 2022
Chicken thighs recipe with wine 2022

Tip: To enjoy this dish more, it is advisable to prepare it a day before when it is to be consumed since the meat will have much more flavor than the salt. You can accompany this delicious chicken in wine dish with a simple white rice or any other garnish of your choice. If you liked this recipe with chicken, we encourage you to visit Omi’s Blog . If you liked the recipe for Chicken Thighs with Wine ,

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