How to make Chicken thighs in sauce with mushrooms recipe

This juicy dish of chicken thighs in sauce with mushrooms that our friend from  brought this time, and although it may not seem very light, we are going to prepare it with some healthy and simple ingredients that you will see below. Follow the step by step that he proposes in his recipe, now eat!

How to make chicken thighs in sauce with mushrooms:

First of all, we will gather all these products that we are going to add to the plate of chicken thighs in sauce with the thighs in a pot so that they are a little golden.Once golden brown we add two glasses of water and a pinch of salt, also nutmeg and pepper, close the pressure cooker and let them cook for 15 minutes.

Chicken thighs in sauce with mushrooms recipe
Chicken thighs in sauce with mushrooms recipe

On the other hand, in a pan with 3 tablespoons of oil, lightly fry the mushrooms cut into thick strips.We grate the peel of a lemon, chop the Brazil nuts and also finely chop the garlic. With the same oil that we had fried the mushrooms, we remove them and take the opportunity to also fry this mixture .Meanwhile, we squeeze the two lemons and pour the juice into a glass, in which we will dissolve two tablespoons of brown sugar and a smaller tablespoon of mustard, stirring well until everything is diluted.

Now we add two full tablespoons of ground oats.

Continue stirring until they are well dissolved with all the components of the glass. Then we add water, mix everything and include it in the sauce from before.We stir the sauce from the chicken hams stewed with mushrooms slowly over low heat and we are contemplating that the sauce thickens more and more .We will see that it takes on a fairly thick texture as if it were bechamel sauce , then we turn off the heat, remove and uncover the pot where we have the meat already cooked.

We take advantage of all the juice.

That the cooking of the chicken has released to dilute that sauce that we made, then we return it to the fire and stirring we mix so that the sauce is looser but without reaching what I know is not very thick, because remember that it must to be like a cream for chicken thighs with mushrooms .

Chicken thighs in sauce with mushrooms recipe 2022
Chicken thighs in sauce with mushrooms recipe 2022

Now we only have to plate to our liking and bathe our delicious thighs with the previous preparation, also adding our sautéed mushrooms.Savor the Chicken Thighs in Mushroom Sauce with plenty of bread slices for dipping. Bon appetit cooks and good morning! If you liked the recipe for Chicken thighs in sauce with mushrooms , we suggest you enter our category of Chicken Recipes .