How to make Chicken sweetbreads recipe in spicy sauce

Tired of always cooking chicken the same way? How about discovering an option that, in addition to being cheap and easy to prepare, is extremely nutritious? Well, we have the solution! In we bring you an exquisite plate of sweetbreads with onion, an excellent Mexican recipe that is characterized by its delicious flavor and a delicious spicy touch. Likewise, its main ingredient is a food with high iron content, a mineral that strengthens our immune system, helps us prevent anemia and is perfect for women during pregnancy, as it strengthens both the mother and the baby.Due to its high nutritional value, simple preparation and delicious flavor, we invite you to join us in the step by step of this recipe for chicken gizzards in spicy sauce , we promise that you will love it!

How to make chicken gizzards in hot sauce:

In order to start preparing the chicken gizzards with onions, we must first leave all the ingredients ready and make sure that we are not missing anything.Once we have all the ingredients ready, we can get to work with the Mexican recipe! To do this, we start by cooking the chicken gizzards , which can be long-lasting. Take a saucepan with enough water and bring it to a boil, adding a piece of onion, a clove of garlic and the bay leaves.

Chicken sweetbreads recipe in spicy sauce
Chicken sweetbreads recipe in spicy sauce

When it starts to boil, add the washed gizzards and cook over high heat for approximately 25 minutes.After time, we check that the gizzards are cooked, we remove them from the water and cut each one of them into three smaller pieces to facilitate their consumption and get them to cook better.During the 25 minutes that the previous cooking of the gizzards lasts, we can take the opportunity to finely slice the onions , as shown in the photograph. If we consider that three onions are a small quantity for the preparation of chicken gizzards with onions, we can always add some more.

Once we see that the onion is transparent

On the other hand, to continue with the preparation of the ingredients for the chicken gizzard recipe in hot sauce, we take the serrano peppers , clean them well and begin to slice them very finely, as we can see in the following image.When the 25 minutes of cooking the chicken gizzards with onion have elapsed, take the sliced ​​onion and serrano pepper and place them in a pan with hot oil, add a pinch of salt and pepper and let these ingredients fry for about 5 minutes, stirring constantly to avoid burning. The sauce will be ready when the onion turns transparent.

Chicken sweetbreads recipe in spicy sauce
Chicken sweetbreads recipe

Add the chopped chicken gizzards , a pinch more of salt and pepper, move to incorporate the ingredients and let it cook together for approximately 10 minutes.Our dish is ready! What do you think about it? Very easy, right? You can accompany these exquisite chicken gizzards in spicy sauce with a little refried or ground beans and some corn tortillas . Enjoy this delicious Mexican recipe and tell us what you have accompanied it with! If you liked the recipe for Chicken Gizzards in Spicy Sauce , we suggest you enter our Chicken Recipes category . You can also visit a selection of the best Mexican recipes .