How to make Chicken stuffed with plums and walnuts recipe

In this recipe we bring a delicious option for your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner , for those families who love baked stuffed chicken we are going to make a varied and different recipe for all their guests on these special dates. Let’s see the recipe step by step and get ready to make a delicious chicken stuffed with plums and walnuts .

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How to make Chicken Stuffed with Plums and Walnuts:

Our first step in making the Thanksgiving recipe is to pre-list the ingredients . We are going to remove a little excess fat from our piece of chicken. Discard this fat as it will not be necessary in the preparation. To make the marinade , transfer the onion, pepper, and half a beer to a food processor. Blend all the ingredients well.   Tip: If you want to marinate it an hour or two is valid.

Chicken stuffed with plums and walnuts recipe
Chicken stuffed with plums and walnuts recipe

Take the chicken to a deep bowl and bathe with the marinade that we prepared previously. Add the rest of the beers , garlic paste , black pepper, mustard, and white wine. Mix all ingredients well. Finally add the rosemary , remember that this is a very strong aromatic herb, so do not use too much so that the flavor does not alter so much.

The marinating time is your choice, personally I recommend a minimum of 24 to a maximum of 48 hours in the refrigerator or refrigerator so that all the flavor of the sauce penetrates the chicken meat.

Once the marinating time has passed.

Remove the chicken from the refrigerator or refrigerator. To make the filling of our chicken, pre-list the ingredients marked for the filling. Remember, as for the Christmas stuffed turkey , these can vary depending on your choice. You peel the apples . Bring a deep pot to medium heat with a teaspoon of butter and sauté them with salt, black pepper and garlic paste to taste.

Once you notice that the apples are caramelizing, cover with water and add some aromatic herbs such as thyme or oregano. Cook over medium heat for approximately 15 minutes. Put out the fire. Mix the ingredients of our filling well and wait for it to cool .

liquid from the cooking of the apples will help hydrate the rest of the ingredients. The ideal is to obtain a filling as seen in the photograph, remember that you can modify the flavors. adding more or less ingredients that are to your liking.

In order for our chicken to keep its shape.

Tie the legs and wings with thread as shown in the photo. In this way, they will remain together when they are cooked in the oven.Peel the carrot and cut into large pieces, do the same with the celery. Place them in the ovenproof dish where we are going to cook the Thanksgiving chicken.Cover the baking dish with foil so that the chicken stays moist during cooking. Preheat an oven to 250ºC and cook the chicken for approximately 90 minutes.

Chicken stuffed with plums and walnuts recipe 2022
Chicken stuffed with plums and walnuts recipe 2022

Remove the strings that tie the wings and chicken legs, bathe with honey and introduce for about 10 more minutes. With this step we will give the chicken a golden touch. Once it has been browned, we are ready to serve. The juice that remains from the refractory can be strained and served to the table or make  a delicious sauce with this base, as it contains a lot of flavor. 

Serve the chicken stuffed with plums and walnuts and serve with an apple and roquefort salad . This stuffed chicken dish is ideal for special parties such as Christmas dinner or Thanksgiving dinner, a cheaper option than turkey but just as elegant and delicious.