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How to make Chicken stir fry recipe with holantao

Do not miss this delicious holantao or colantao chicken , better known in other countries as peas or peas, which we teach you to prepare in Free Recipes if you want to try a dish originally from Peru in all its splendor. Keep reading the step by step that we detail below and get an easy and super tasty chicken stir fry with holantao.

How to make holantao chicken stir fry:

Peel, liquefy the kiĆ³n with a little water , strain and leave the liquid. Add the oyster sauce, add soy sauce and chuno to taste. Mix everything. This will be the first thing we have to do to prepare the delicious holantao chicken.With the paprika cut into strips, and the onion also cut into strips, cut the tips and wash the colantao , wash the lettuce leaves and chop or grind the garlic cloves.

Chicken stir fry recipe with holantao
Chicken stir fry recipe with holantao

In a won (wok) or large skillet heat oil, add the garlic and brown. Add the minced chicken and brown . When the chicken dumps water, remove it and let it brown with oil.Add the kion mixture and the chicken water that we remove to the pan. Let the fried chicken with holantao boil a little.Add the colantao , the Chinese beans, salt and bring to a boil.

Add the lettuce leaves and more soy sauce.

Chicken stir fry recipe with holantao
Chicken stir fry recipe with holantao

Let the chicken boil with colantao until the lettuce is reduced and turn off the heat.Serve the chicken stir-fry with colantao accompanied with loose white rice and boiled quail eggs .If you liked the recipe for Chicken stir fry with holantao , we suggest you enter our Chicken Recipes category . You can also visit a selection of the best Peruvian recipes .

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