How to make Chicken recipe with rice

If you don’t know how to make chicken with rice, don’t miss this easy step-by-step recipe that we explain in Free Recipes. It is a recipe for chicken breast with white rice very easy, fast and above all, absolutely delicious and creamy thanks to the mushroom and cream sauce that it contains, a preparation that combines perfectly with the rest of the flavors of this rich and delicious dish. economic. Enjoy all the flavor and texture of chicken in sauce with white rice right now!

How to make chicken with rice:

Fillet the chicken breast for the portions, then heat water in a pot, add salt to taste, half a whole onion and the chicken pieces, and cook until well cooked .Once the chicken is ready, remove the prey from the broth.

Chicken recipe with white rice
Chicken recipe with rice

Start with the sauce of the chicken with white rice: for this, in a frying pan place olive oil, add diced onion (the other half) and the garlic as well, and cook until they take a translucent color, then add the cut mushrooms .Then add the flour and stir so that no lumps form, then empty the cream container and the two cups of the chicken broth .

Then put the chicken pieces to cook in the pan,

add salt to taste and pepper, and let the chicken boil a little so that the flavors are integrated.If you prefer, you can make the basic chicken broth recipe yourself instead of buying it already made.

Chicken recipe with white rice
Chicken recipe with white rice

Prepare the accompanying white rice , serve the chicken pieces in sauce with white rice , and that’s it! If you prefer, prepare the recipe for basmati rice or brown rice with vegetables .If you liked the Chicken with White Rice recipe , we suggest you enter our Chicken Recipes category .