How to make Chicken recipe with peanut sauce

Chicken with peanut sauce that we will learn to prepare is very easy to make and very fast, since in just 15 minutes we can have the dish ready. These types of sauces always remind us of Indian cuisine, especially Thai, since it is made with ingredients typical of this gastronomy. In fact, one of the star recipes of this kitchen is precisely the satay sauce, which is prepared with various spices, peanuts and coconut milk.

On this occasion, in RecetasGratis, we will also make a peanut sauce with coconut milk, however, it is important to clarify that it is not the satay sauce, since here we will use fewer and easier to get ingredients. When we enter exotic gastronomies such as Asian ones, it is common that we do not find certain ingredients and we have to look for alternatives, although this implies a somewhat different result. Well, if after reviewing the recipe for the satay sauce this has happened to you, without a doubt the dish that we show is an excellent option. Read on and discover how to make chicken with coconut peanut sauce .

How to make Chicken with Peanut Sauce:

Peel, mince the garlic and add it to the blender glass. Also pour in the coconut milk and soy sauce and blend with an electric hand mixer. If you prefer, you can make the peanut sauce in the blender.      Tip: Garlic adds extra flavor to the sauce, but we recommend using a small clove so that its flavor does not overshadow that of peanuts.

Chicken recipe with peanut sauce
Chicken recipe with peanut sauce

Add the peanut butter and ginger and continue grinding to integrate it with the rest of the ingredients. If you want the peanut chicken recipe to be 100% homemade, we recommend making your own peanut butter by following this simple recipe: ” Homemade peanut butter “.Tip: There are those who add a little brown sugar to soften the sauce and give it a sweet touch. If you feel like adding this ingredient, do it now.

Cut the chicken breast into cubes or strips and sauté it over medium heat with a drizzle of hot oil. You could also make chicken skewers with peanut sauce by inserting the pieces on a wooden stick and grilling the skewers.When the meat is done, add the peanut sauce and cook everything over low heat. To give the peanut chicken a more liquid sauce, pour in the coconut milk little by little and stirring constantly. If you choose to make the skewers, cook the sauce on its own for a few minutes.

Once the sauce is the desired consistency

Turn off the heat and serve.The chicken with peanut sauce recipe is very easy to make and quick, so it is perfect to serve when unexpected friends or family visit.If you liked the recipe for Chicken with peanut sauce , we suggest you enter our category of Chicken Recipes .

Chicken recipe with peanut sauce
Chicken recipe with peanut sauce

With what to accompany the recipe for chicken in peanut sauce

Peanut chicken can be presented with basmati rice if you want to offer a more typical Thai dish, with baked potatoes or with a tomato salad . Likewise, you can accompany the dish with bao bread , typical of Thai cuisine, or with any other type of bread that you like.Other dishes that you can make to accompany the chicken with peanut sauce are spring rolls, vegetable samosas or curry rice.