Chicken Recipe

How to make Chicken recipe with curried eggplant

When you discover the ingredients with which we have prepared this delicious stewed chicken dish, your mouth will water. Eggplant, leek, peas and black olives in a sauce made with white wine, tomato and curry . a real delight! Keep reading this recipe step by step in Free Recipes and learn how to cook a great chicken dish with curried eggplant , a stewed chicken in a sauce full of color and a lot of flavor, juicy and perfect to combine with any type of garnish.

How to make Chicken with Eggplant Curry:

In the following image you can see the ingredients that we will need to prepare this delicious chicken with curried eggplant.To start we work with vegetables . So, we take the eggplant, the leek, the red tomato, the peas and the garlic, we chop them very finely.

Chicken recipe
Chicken recipe

Put all this in a pot and add water until it boils.On the other hand, we cut the chicken into small pieces and season them completely to season. The idea is to leave it in bite-size chunks to make it easier to eat.Next, add the chicken to the pot with the vegetables and cook with boiling water for 5 more minutes.After these 5 minutes we add the white wine, the curry and the tomato sauce.

Then we let the sauce reduce until it thickens

Chicken recipe with curried eggplant
Chicken recipe with curried eggplant

This over medium heat and stirring constantly.Once the chicken stew feels thick, remove from the heat and serve hot. We can accompany this wonderful chicken dish with curried aubergines with some garlic bread toasts or a little boiled white rice to take advantage of the sauce. Enjoy! If you liked the recipe for Chicken with curried aubergines , we suggest you enter our Chicken Recipes category .

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