How to make Chicken recipe with cream, mushrooms and bacon

Today we will make a delicious and very common recipe, it is chicken with cream, mushrooms and bacon . This dish is ideal for a quick meal, since it is very simple and its presentation and taste are great. Surprise everyone at home with this chicken in white sauce and learn a new way to cook chicken.

How to make Chicken with cream, mushrooms and bacon:

To prepare our recipe for chicken in mushroom sauce, the first step is to pre-list the ingredients for it. Bring a pan over medium heat and once hot add a little sunflower oil. I’m going to show you a few tricks, if you add the oil when the pan is hot, the amount of fat will be less, since it will be distributed over the entire surface.

Chicken recipe with cream, mushrooms and bacon
Chicken recipe with cream, mushrooms and bacon

Then add the chicken thighs, previously seasoned to taste, to seal the chicken pieces before finishing cooking in the oven. Take the already sealed chicken thighs to a baking dish, if you wish you can remove the skin from the chicken. Then cook in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius for about 30 minutes. Use the same pan to fry the white onion cut into small squares, taking advantage of the flavor of the chicken.

Many people believe that sticking to pans is dirt.

when they don’t realize they are wasting an excellent recipe base. Once you see that the onion gets a transparent color, add the bacon or bacon cut into strips as seen in the photograph along with a little salt and pepper to taste. 

Once these basic ingredients have been sautéed for the preparation of our chicken with bacon, remove them and reserve them in a bowl. Add a tablespoon of butter and in the same pan where we sauté the onion and bacon, add the sliced mushrooms , as the ideal is to take advantage of all those flavors that remain attached to the pan. Sauté them with a little garlic paste , salt and pepper. Ideally, our mushrooms get this color and proceed to finish the sauce .

It is important that they are not overdue as they take on a bitter taste. Add the glass of white wine in the same pan along with the finely chopped parsley. The wine will absorb all the previous flavors resulting in an exquisite sauce.

Add the onion and bacon.

That we had previously sautéed and mix well with the mushrooms.Finally add the heavy cream and lower the heat a little so that the sauce does not cut and it does not dry out either. Turn off the heat of our mushroom sauce and we are ready to serve. Serve our chicken thighs by adding a little of the mushroom sauce on top and decorate the plate with a little fresh parsley on top. To enjoy!

Chicken recipe with cream, mushrooms and bacon 2022
Chicken recipe with cream, mushrooms and bacon 2022

We can use pork or turkey bacon in this case, use turkey to make the chicken recipe in mushroom sauce and bacon a little lighter. I recommend combining it with a white rice or an asparagus and apple salad . If you want more recipes with chicken and have any comments or concerns, write to us If you liked the recipe for Chicken with cream, mushrooms and bacon ,

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