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How to make Chicken recipe in Italian sauce

In a pan put two tablespoons of Italian sauce olive oil and fry the blended tomato, the onion and the processed chiltoma, add the slices of mushrooms, the capers without the water (do not throw the water from the capers) when everything is well fried, put the Beef broth or the beef broth envelope, the tomato paste dissolved in water, if what you are going to use is beef broth, dissolve the pasta in it, let all the ingredients boil and combine the flavors.

How to make Chicken in Italian sauce:

Wash the chicken fillets well, put a little salt and grated garlic on them, preserve them. Put a little olive oil in a pan and put the fillets and fry the pan until they are golden brown, when they are ready, place them in a baking dish and leave them there until the Italian sauce is ready.

Chicken recipe in Italian sauce
Chicken recipe in Italian sauce

Put the tomatoes in a pot, when the water is hot, not boiling, so that they release the skin, remove the tomatoes, remove the skin and blend them pure without mixing water.In a processor, place the onion and chiltoma.

When everything is boiling, Chicken in Italian sauce

you have to try how it is salt, before adding the salt, add a little, just a little of the water from the capers and oregano, if the point of it was not to your liking, add a little salt. When the sauce is ready, pour it over the chicken that is in the baking dish.

Chicken recipe in Italian sauce 2022
Chicken recipe in Italian sauce 2022

Grate the mozzarella cheese and spread it evenly over the sauce, heat the oven and put the mold, remove when the cheese is melted and a little golden.ENJOY THEM is You can accompany it with a rich salad of lettuce and garlic bread.If you liked the recipe for Chicken in Italian sauce ,

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