How to make Chicken Recipe in a basket

Chicken basket is a recipe for baked chicken but with a special touch. It is a battered chicken that has an intense flavor that everyone will like at home, in addition, the most visual of this easy recipe with chicken is undoubtedly presentation, since you will learn how to make original flour baskets to serve chicken .At we have all kinds of recipes for you to get out of routine in kitchen, dare with this chicken in a basket and surprise everyone.

How to make Chicken in a basket:

To make chicken in a basket you can use chicken pieces you prefer. Once you have selected pieces or whole chicken chopped, remove excess fat from chicken and rub all pieces with lemon juice. Wash it and drain it well.After this step, place chicken in a large enough bowl and pour milk on top. Let stand for 30 minutes.

Chicken Recipe in a basket
Chicken Recipe in a basket

After this time, remove chicken from bowl and drain it well.Besides, crush garlic well and place them in a plastic bag along with flour. To complete  dressing , also add breadcrumbs, paprika, pepper and salt. Mix everything well so that spices are distributed evenly.Now put chicken pieces in bag and shake well so that all pieces are completely coated.

On other hand, line a baking tray with silver foil.

Then, go placing all chicken pieces, checking that they are well covered by batter of bag.To cook chicken in basket , take tray to oven at a high temperature, between 200º and 250º C, for 45 minutes. Remember to turn them occasionally so that they brown evenly.While chicken is baking, we can prepare tulips for presentation of dish.

Then, place flour together with salt in a bowl and add diced butter. Knead with your hands until you get a grainy mixture.Add water and knead everything until you get an elastic dough. Form a ball with dough, wrap it in a cloth and let it rest in  fridge for 30 minutes.

Tip: dough may need more or less water, so add tablespoons little by little.After this time, stretch dough with help of a rolling pin, leaving a 2-3 mm sheet. thick. Cut large circumferences of about 15 cm. diameter. Give circles a nest shape, paint surface with egg yolk and bake at 180º C. for 20 minutes.

Place chicken pieces in center and serve hot.

Chicken Recipe in a basket
Chicken Recipe in a basket

Chicken in a basket is a perfect preparation to share with family on weekend, accompany dish with an American coleslaw and some fried or oven-roasted potatoes .And if you like these types of chicken recipes, you can try KFC-style fried chicken .If you liked recipe for Chicken in a basket , we suggest you enter our Chicken Recipes category .