Chicken Popcorn Recipe {2022}

Popcorn chicken are a practical, attractive and delicious snack that will delight both boys and large a. They are a variant of the fried chicken pieces but, in this case, they are made with ground chicken presented in small crunchy balls, which gives them great versatility in terms of their presentation, in addition to the occasions in which they can be used.

In we present you a super easy, practical and delicious way to make your own homemade chicken popcorn , with ingredients that we have at home.

How to make Chicken Popcorn:

Next we present the ingredients that we are going to use for the preparation of the chicken popcorn . We started the easy recipe by mixing a pinch of salt, pepper, and garlic salt with the ground chicken. In this way, our fried chicken will have an unmistakable and exquisite flavor.

Chicken Popcorn Recipe
Chicken Popcorn Recipe

When it is perfectly incorporated, we begin to form small balls with our own hands. Especially if the popcorn will be eaten by children, it is recommended that the balls are not large. When we have all the chicken in the form of balls, we pass it through the beaten egg and then through the flour. In this way, we will make a very crispy battered chicken.

As the next step, we will take the floured chicken balls to the ground bread, until they are perfectly covered.

Tip: To make them more crispy, make a second batter.

When all the chicken popcorn is ready, we will carefully place it in a pan with hot oil in order to fry the chicken . When the chicken balls are perfectly fried , we put them on absorbent paper to remove the excess oil and that’s it! We can now enjoy these delicious chicken popcorn, a quick recipe that we will have made in less than 15 minutes. Enjoy!

Chicken Popcorn Recipe 2022
Chicken Popcorn Recipe 2022

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