How to make Chicken Polvorosa Recipe

Polvorosa de pollo is one of the most traditional dishes of Venezuelan cuisine, specifically from Caracas. It is said that it is a Mantuan preparation, which means that it comes from the kitchens of the aristocracy of Caracas. With the passing of the years and the ingredients being available to everyone, the powder was popularized among the entire population, fortunately. 

The chicken stew is practically the same as that of the Hallas, so preparing the polvorosa becomes an excuse to enjoy these flavors on non-December dates. Let’s take a trip through the gastronomic history of Venezuela and go ahead and discover how to make chicken powder by following the recipe that we propose in Free Recipes.

How to make Polvorosa de Polvorosa:

The first thing you need to do to cook the chicken powder is to prepare the dough , for which you must leave the ingredients in the fridge for at least an hour. This should be done because the dough of the powder is a kind of broken pasta whose brittle consistency is achieved by working the cold ingredients.Ready! You can now enjoy this incredible Venezuelan chicken powder recipe . Although it is a bit long, you will see that the result is worth it.

Chicken Polvorosa Recipe
Chicken Polvorosa Recipe

You can serve it with Venezuelan Chinese rice . For dessert, don’t miss out on these options: In the container where you will work the dough, add the flour and the butter or margarine cold and cut into pieces. Work both ingredients with a taroco, spatula or trowel. Avoid using your hands to avoid heating the dough. 

When you get a sandy texture when mixing the flour and butter, add the egg and the tablespoons of ice water . Work the dough just enough to integrate these ingredients, no more.

You will obtain a dough that is still sandy and poorly integrated.

Transfer it to the table and still work it with your trowel. The goal is to achieve a homogeneous dough. When the dough is more compact, knead it for a few more minutes with your hands stretching against the table.

Once it is completely attached, form a square , wrap it well in plastic wrap and leave it in the fridge while you continue with the filling of your chicken powder. Now is the time to make the stew. Cut the breasts into thick strips and sauté them over medium heat in three tablespoons of oil with the salt, three cloves of garlic, cumin and pepper.

By cutting the breasts in this way, you ensure that they cook more evenly and that the cooking liquids penetrate more. Finely chop the onion, paprika, sweet garlic, chives and garlic joint. Also have on hand the minced raisins, olives and capers, already washed and desalted. Reserve these ingredients.

When the chicken is golden brown.

Add a tablespoon of each dressing : onion, paprika, chili, chives and garlic joint. Stir and cook for a while longer. Continue over medium heat. These ingredients add a lot of flavor to the stew, so that you will have a delicious chicken powder. You must wait for the vegetables to be soft to add half a cup of water .

Cook covered chicken over low heat. The stew is ready when all the ingredients and flavors are fully integrated. It is important that the chicken is not overcooked, ideally it is soft, but has texture when chewed. When it’s ready, wait for it to cool before assembling the chicken powder.

Chicken Polvorosa Recipe 2022
Chicken Polvorosa Recipe 2022

When this happens, remove the chicken . Add the other tablespoons of oil and, now, add the remaining vegetables, the capers and the onoto or annatto powder. Stir well.This mixture should take on the color of the onoto. At that point, add the raisins, wine, and half a cup of water .

If you bought the olives and capers in jars, you can add a little of the water from both. Meanwhile, shred the cooked chicken . Add the chicken and olives . Lower the heat to a simmer so that it boils and burns little by little, which can take about 25 minutes. During that time, stir gently regularly. The stew of the polvorosas de pollo is quite similar to that of the estarcas, but drier.

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This way, the stew will better concentrate its flavors and the dough will be ready to work. If you liked the Chicken Polvorosa recipe , we suggest you enter our Chicken Recipes category . You can also visit a selection of the best Venezuelan recipes and Caracas recipes