How to make Chicken Milanesas recipe

In this recipe we are going to make a typical Argentine dish, chicken milanesas . To cook them, we are going to make a kind of marinade and teach them different types of batter. This is a battered chicken dish that children love for its exquisite flavor, and a very effective way to get them to acquire the vitamins and proteins so present in meat.

For all this, we encourage you to continue reading the step by step that we offer you and prepare these delicious chicken milanesas .

How to make Chicken Milanesas:

First step in making our chicken breaded recipe is to pre-list the ingredients. You can replace the parsley with oregano.The first thing we are going to do is cut the chicken breast very thin .

Milanese is characterized by being a very fine cut, so you should use a good knife to be able to cut it without hurting yourself. Once cut, we are going to prepare the marinade. To do this, add two tablespoons of oil, finely chopped parsley and garlic paste to taste.

Chicken Milanesas recipe
Chicken Milanesas recipe

If you want, you can marinate the chicken milanesas in the fridge or refrigerator for about 30 minutes. Now we are going to make the batter for the chicken milanesas . In a bowl we add the eggs with a little salt and beat them as if we wanted to make an omelette .

In another bowl add the breadcrumbs and in the following order we are going to coat the breaded slices: we first go through the beaten eggs and then through the breadcrumbs.

Ideally, our battered chicken should be this way.

When we have all the breaded breaded, we are going to cook them. Bring a frying pan to medium heat and add a little sunflower oil, once hot, fry the chicken fillets and brown each side until they are ready. 

Serve the homemade chicken milanesas with some lemon slices, this dish is used to accompany with fried potatoes or roasted potatoes and the sauce you want, such as barbecue sauce .

Chicken Milanesas recipe 2022
Chicken Milanesas recipe 2022

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