Easy to make Chicken Gyozas Recipe

With this recipe we will learn how to prepare the traditional Japanese dumplings called gyozas but with a different filling. This time we are going to fill them with chicken breast and some vegetables. Remember that chicken gyozas can be made steamed or in the pan with oil.

Chicken Gyozas
Easy to make Chicken Gyozas Recipe

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How to make Chicken Gyozas:

Our first step in making the chicken gyozas is to pre -list the recipe ingredients . You can find the dough for gyozas in any store of oriental or Japanese products. In a bowl add the chicken with the finely chopped ginger and the garlic paste . We must process or blend our breast until all the ingredients are integrated.

Once the chicken has been processed with the previous ingredients, take it to another bowl and add the oregano to our filling. Next, add the finely chopped long onion and mix very well until integrated.

Finally add the finely chopped red pepper or paprika and mix very well. This will give an exquisite flavor to our filling for chicken gyozas. Place all the ingredients to facilitate the preparation of the dumplings. Also take a bowl with a little water , the filling of our Japanese dumplings and roll out two or four doughs for gyozas.

With the help of a dessert spoon, add a little of the chicken filling to the dough for Japanese gyozas. Then wet the fingertip with a little water and moisten the entire edge of the gyozas. Close our Japanese dumplings by pressing the edges lightly but firmly.

Chicken Gyozas Recipe
Chicken Gyozas Recipe

Make different shapes to give a special touch to our preparation by bending the edges a little decoratively. Use your imagination to form the chicken gyosas. Bring a pan over medium heat with a little sunflower oil, once it is hot add our gyozas and let it brown very well so that the filling is well cooked.

Once the Japanese gyozas are fried, remove them to absorbent paper to remove excess fat . Remember that these chicken patties can also be steamed. Serve the chicken gyozas with some homemade teriyaki sauce or sweet and sour sauce without soy . If you want more recipes for appetizers or tapas and you have any comments or concerns, write to us. Enjoy!

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