How to make Chicken Galantine Recipe

Galantine is a dish of French origin and consists of a meat preparation that is simmered and served cold accompanied by aspic, a citrus jelly. With this recipe we allow ourselves to invent a little and try mixtures to get a delicious “steak” with incredible flavors. You will love the chicken and rabbit galantine .

How to make Chicken Galantine:

The first step in preparing the chicken and rabbit galantine will be to get the ingredients ready . Finely chop all the vegetables and also hydrate the dried tomatoes in a bowl with water. The latter should be done at least an hour before starting to cook. When you have everything ready, add a drizzle of oil to a frying pan and fry the vegetables .

Chicken Galantine Recipe
Chicken Galantine Recipe

When you see them tender add the liquor and leave over low heat until it reduces. Correct the seasoning with a point of salt and reserve. In addition, slightly soak the bread in the milk and drain, also drain the dried tomatoes and mix together with the meats, the egg and the truffle.

All chopped very small. Then join the two mixtures by adding a little peppercorns. Stir well until all the ingredients are evenly distributed .

With the chicken galantin mixture ready.

The next step is to empty all this into a plastic bag with a hermetic seal, the kind to freeze. Take this bag to a saucepan with water, which covers all the contents and cook over low heat for about an hour . Take the bag out and let it come to room temperature.

Then take it to the fridge so that the chicken galantine finishes curdling for about 5 hours.If you have time, better do it from one day to the next. Aspic is a citrus jelly that is usually accompanied by cold meat dishes such as chicken galantine.

Chicken Galantine Recipe 2022
Chicken Galantine Recipe 2022

To make it, you just have to dilute the gelatin leaves in half a glass of hot water with the sugar and lemon juice. Take it to the fridge in a mold and then chop. Finally, serve the chicken galantine with the aspic on one side and enjoy. This delicious dish can also be served with broccoli gratin .

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