How to make Chicken Fricandó recipe

Fricando is a typical Spanish preparation, it can be made with beef, pork, mushrooms or as in this case with chicken.Chicken Fricandó recipefricandó that we teach you to prepare with this step-by-step recipe has a lot of flavor thanks to the sauce made with tomatoes and served with golden potato slices.

How to make Chicken Fricandó:

Before making this recipe, the first step is to get all the ingredients ready . In a frying pan with oil, fry the Chicken Fricandó recipe, seasoned and cut into pieces until golden, remove and reserve. In the same frying pan, fry the tomato cut into small cubes and the garlic finely chopped, until soft. Make this sauce over low heat.

Chicken Fricandó recipe
 How to make Chicken Fricandó recipe

Add the white wine, chilli and parsley, mix everything and cook for a few more minutes. Add the Chicken Fricandó recipe again, add a little chicken broth or water and cover. Cook for a further 10 minutes and adjust the flavor with salt and pepper if necessary. Besides, in a pot with water, cook the potatoes whole for approximately 25 minutes. When they are ready cut into slices and reserve.

In a frying pan with oil.

In a frying pan with oil 2022
How to make In a frying pan with oil 2022

Seal the potato slices until golden brown, season with salt and pepper. Finally serve the potatoes and add the chicken on top of them, sprinkle a little sliced ​​almonds and enjoy. The chicken fricandó is a dish that everyone will like, you can also accompany it with a fresh cheese and tomato salad .

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