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How to make Chicken Flamenquines Recipe

Typical flamenquines of Córdoba for bringing chicken instead of pork. An easy to make and fun dish that everyone will like, especially the little ones. Perfect to accompany with some fried potatoes or a tomato salad and, of course, with a good salmorejo .

How to make Chicken Flamenquins:

We start by preparing all the ingredients. We put the fillets on the clean countertop and we add a slice of cheese to each fillet. We do the same with the York ham and add one or two slices on top of the cheese, leaving the ham in the center.

Chicken Flamenquines Recipe
Chicken Flamenquines Recipe

We roll up with a little pressure so that the flamenquins are well attached. To give more consistency to the batter and make it easier for the breadcrumbs to stick, we will pass the flamenquines (already rolled) through beaten egg beforehand. Now is the time to pass them through the breadcrumbs . We put the oil to heat and, once hot, we fry the flamenquines, turning them after approximately 2 minutes so that they are well done on both sides.

And this would be the end result, some delicious chicken

flamenquines , to lick your fingers. If you eat them in summer, accompany them with a cool gazpacho ! you will see that it is a very fresh, light and balanced dish, a perfect starter for a strong or important main dish. Here we explain how to make this easy recipe with three basic ingredients: tomato, cucumber and lettuce.

Chicken Flamenquines Recipe 2022
Chicken Flamenquines Recipe 2022

As well as crispness in the mouth, which perfectly supports the chicken .If you liked the Chicken Flamenquines recipe , we suggest you enter our Chicken Recipes category . You can also visit a selection of the best Spanish recipes and Andalusian recipes . we suggest you enter our category of Chicken Recipes . You can also visit a selection of the best Colombian recipes .

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