How to make Chicken Enmoladas recipe

Did you have a little mole left over? Do not throw it away, it can still be used to prepare delicious chicken enmoladas . Enmoladas are nothing other than the well-known Mexican enchiladas covered with mole sauce, a dish that in addition to being quick and easy to prepare, is a delight to the palate. Keep reading and discover how to make chicken enmoladas , step by step.

How to make Chicken Enmoladas:

The first thing we will do to cook our chicken enmoladas is to shred the previously cooked chicken .Apart we heat the corn tortillas in a comal or frying pan. Remember that you can buy the corn tortillas already made or make them yourself.

Chicken Enmoladas recipe
Chicken Enmoladas recipe

To assemble our enmoladas, we place the tortillas on a plate, fill with the shredded chicken and fold like a quesadilla. So with each of the tortillas.Cover the tortillas completely with the hot mole. Enmoladas go very well with a little red rice as a garnish. take off the other plastic and help yourself with it to put it on the previously hot comal or pan.

When it begins to form small balls, turn it on the other side.

Chicken Enmoladas recipe 2022
Chicken Enmoladas recipe 2022

And ready! Accompany the chicken enmoladas with onion slices, cream and cheese. As you will see, it is extremely easy to prepare these homemade enmoladas, we hope you enjoy them; and to close the meal with a flourish, Mexican fritters ! If you liked the Chicken Enmoladas recipe , we suggest you enter our Chicken Recipes category . You can also visit a selection of the best Mexican recipes and Puebla recipes .


  • You can substitute the cotija cheese for panela cheese or your favorite cheese
  • If the tortillas are not very fresh or they break when you fold them, pass them through hot oil