How to make Chicken curry recipe with apple

Chicken curry with apple and coconut milk is a delicious dish, a combination of exotic flavors that will surprise you . And do not worry about its preparation, because although it seems a complicated dish, the recipe that we teach you in Free Recipes is a quick and easy curry chicken. In addition to these ingredients, we will also include a little banana which will give texture to the homemade curry sauce and will contrast with the apple.

This chicken curry dish has no waste so go ahead and if you can’t prepare it right now, save the recipe in your favorites, because you can’t stop trying it!

How to make chicken apple curry:

We started by preparing all the ingredients to prepare our chicken curry recipe with homemade sauce. Cut the chicken into small cubes and reserve. Besides, we also cut the onion into very small cubes.

Chicken curry recipe with apple
How to make Chicken curry recipe with apple

We peel the apple and the banana , remove the seeds and the core from the apple and then cut into cubes together with the banana. When we have all the ingredients ready, we get to work with the cooking. To do this, heat about 4 tablespoons of oil in a pan and make the base sauce . First add the onion and after a few minutes, when it is golden, add the chicken.

We are stirring until the chicken is cooked.

So, we add the chopped fruit along with the curry. Immediately after, add the coconut milk, stir everything well and cook over low heat for about 15 minutes. You will see how our recipe for chicken curry with apple is taking color.Let the sauce thicken to your liking and correct the seasoning with salt and pepper or more curry, if necessary.

Chicken curry recipe with apple 2022
How to make Chicken curry recipe with apple 2022

Serve the chicken curry with hot apple and enjoy this wonder accompanied with a little white rice or basmati rice to complete an exotic meal. If you liked the recipe for Chicken curry with apple , we suggest you enter our Chicken Recipes category .