How to make Chicken carbonara recipe with mushrooms

Although we know that the original carbonara sauce is made only with egg yolk, over the years variants have appeared that include milk cream as the main ingredient. At RecetasGratis we want to propose a different carbonara sauce: with mushrooms. We can prepare this sauce in two ways, crushing the mushrooms and mixing them with the cream or cutting them into slices, sautéing them and adding the cream. \

In this way, we could say that the recipe we share is also a chicken dish in mushroom sauce, however, as we have also incorporated bacon, another of the typical ingredients of carbonara sauce, this name is much more appropriate. Keep reading and discover with us how to make chicken carbonara with mushrooms.

How to make Chicken Carbonara with Mushrooms:

First thing we are going to do is crush the washed and chopped mushrooms , reserving two for later. We do this because we have opted for the first option, but remember that you can also skip this step and cook them sautéed. Tip: It is not necessary to cook the mushrooms before mashing them.

Chicken carbonara recipe with mushrooms
Chicken carbonara recipe with mushrooms

Chop the leek and sauté it over medium heat in a frying pan with a drizzle of hot olive oil. If you prefer, instead of leek you can use white onion to prepare the chicken carbonara with mushrooms.Add the two sliced mushrooms that we reserve, stir and then add the chicken cut into cubes or strips. 

Sauté the chicken with mushrooms and, when it is almost ready, add the bacon, also cut into strips or cubes, as you like. We continue cooking the chicken carbonara with mushrooms and season to taste.

Add the crushed mushrooms , mix and cook everything together.

We add the milk cream and continue cooking. To give the final touch to the chicken breasts carbonara with mushrooms, you can add a handful of grated cheese, preferably Parmesan.When the sauce is ready and the meat is to our liking, we serve immediately to enjoy this hot dish.

Chicken carbonara recipe with mushrooms 2022
Chicken carbonara recipe with mushrooms 2022

We can accompany the recipe for chicken carbonara with mushrooms with a good salad, such as the caprese salad or an avocado salad . And, of course, do not miss the bread! What did you think of the recipe? Do not forget to leave your comment! If you liked the recipe for Chicken carbonara with mushrooms ,

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