Easy to make Chicken Cachopo RecipeF

Chicken cachopo is typical of Asturian lands and is one of those that make Asturias a region famous for its delicious dishes, such as typical fabada. In general, this recipe is usually made with beef, which is stuffed with Serrano ham and cheese, just like a sandwich.On this occasion, we will make a delicious chicken cachopo recipe. You will need two chicken breast fillets and little else. 

This alternative will be lighter and softer than traditional cachopo, while it will be a perfect opportunity to innovate and try something new. Cook with Free Recipes and learn how to make chicken cachopo in a few steps!

Easy to make Chicken Cachopo Recipe

Prepare four breast fillets . Regardless of amount you want to prepare, they should always be even to be able to breach fillets.Once you have two pieces of chicken lined up and of same size, place two slices of serrano ham on one of fillets. Cut corners of ham slices so that they are rectangular.

Chicken Cachopo Recipe
Chicken Cachopo Recipe

Add a slice of Havarti cheese or another similar type. Try not to be too thin a slice, so that it does not fall apart during cooking.Tip: If you like strong cheeses, you can also use them, as long as they are cheeses with a creamy consistency.Cover chicken with other fillet that you had reserved .

Idea is that ham and cheese filling does not stand out, so it will be perfect! Beat an egg until mixed , but not set. Add a small pinch of salt and place breadcrumbs in another container.

Bread cachopos by passing them through egg and breadcrumbs.

Fry them in plenty of sunflower oil. Do it carefully to avoid breakage.Remove chicken and put it on absorbent paper to get rid of excess fat. Accompany your chicken cachopos with cabrales cheese sauce or piquillo peppers . Enjoy!Tip: Try to serve them freshly made, so they will always be crispy and more delicious.If you liked Chicken Cachopo recipe , we suggest you enter our Chicken Recipes category .

Cachopos – An Asturian recipe

Have you ever heard of them and wondered what cachopo is ? It is a very traditional Asturian preparation that, over time, has been transformed and giving rise to other alternative recipes such as this one for chicken cachopo. In any of its presentations, secret of a good cachopo is in filling and thickness of meat, as it must be very thin.

Chicken Cachopo Recipe
Chicken Cachopo Recipe

If steaks you have are very thick, you can flatten them a bit more by following this simple trick : Lay parchment paper on a surface and lay steak on it.Use a board, saucepan, or rolling pin to flatten it. Beat meat until both fillets are uniform and can be properly filled and breaded.In addition to ham and cheese, cachopo fillings have also varied greatly over time.

You can fill yours with other ingredients such as mushrooms, cabrales cheese, peppers or picadillo. You can also make pork loin cachopos or fish cachopos.

If you want to know original Asturian beef cachopo recipe , do not hesitate to click on link and read all steps of preparation.

Hake cachopo

Hake cachopo is a preparation as light and delicious as chicken cachopo. To do this, you just need to clean hake fillets very well and fill them as we have indicated in main recipe. Accompany them with chips or dip them in green fish sauce and they will be to die for.

Baked cachopo

If you want to make a healthier recipe, you can prepare cachopos in oven, as breading will be just as delicious. To do this, you just have to bake them at 180 ºC on a tray with parchment paper, and leave them in oven for about 8 minutes on each side.

  • Take them out and serve with Cajun potatoes or sautéed
  • mushrooms. It will be incredible!