How to make Chicken Baskets Recipe

Baskets of bread are an excellent choice to serve as an appetizer at parties and family gatherings, because they are very rich and very easy to do. For the filling, we can use anything we like, from pork patés , or sautéed with vegetables , to mushrooms au gratin with cheese , etc … In this case, we bring you this recipe where we are going to teach you how to prepare some very tasty chicken baskets , au gratin with mozzarella cheese, which are sure to please everyone.

How to make Chicken Baskets:

The first step in making the Chicken Stuffed Bread Baskets is to gather all the ingredients .The first thing we have to do is flatten the slices of bread with a kitchen roller, or failing that, with the base of a pot or container, so that they are larger and thinner. If you want to or don’t like it, you can remove the crust from the sliced ​​bread.

Chicken Baskets Recipe
How to make Chicken Baskets Recipe

Then take a silicone muffin or cupcake mold and grease each hole with a little oil so that once baked, the chicken baskets come out easily. Then place the slices of bread in each of the holes pressing a little and fill them with a handful of cooked shredded chicken, olives and grated cheese. All well mixed.

Just fill the sliced ​​bread basket.

With a little more grated cheese for gratin and sprinkle some oregano on top. With the oven preheated to 200ºC, bake the chicken baskets for about 10-15 minutes, or until the cheese is well melted. After the previous step, the chicken baskets will be ready to eat.

Chicken Baskets Recipe 2022
How to make Chicken Baskets Recipe 2022

This is a recipe that serves as a starter and can be made quickly and easily for any occasion, but if you like this type of recipe you can also make some Mexican-style stuffed banana baskets . Take advantage! If you liked the Chicken Baskets recipe ,

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