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How to make Chicken and rice dumplings recipe

Today we present you a light and easy to prepare dinner . If you are looking for recipes for diabetics, these chicken and rice meatballs are a good option. At the same time these homemade meatballs are perfect for children and athletes. This time we have chosen to fry them but if you want to make them lighter you can cook them directly in the oven. To prepare these delicious chicken and rice meatballs and include this delicacy in your menu to take care of your diet and vary the dishes, especially if you suffer from diabetes.

How to make Chicken and Rice Meatballs:

We gather all the ingredients to make the chicken and rice meatballs. The quantities that we indicate are to prepare about 12 meatballs.First, we cook the rice in plenty of boiling water with a little salt. Once cooked, drain and reserve.

Chicken and rice dumplings recipe
Chicken and rice dumplings recipe

If you want more details regarding the preparation of the rice, you can consult the recipe for white rice .Tip: The cooking time depends on the manufacturer’s instructions.We chop the chicken breast in a mincer or we can ask for it to be chopped at the butcher shop.We transfer the breast to a bowl and mix it with the cooked rice . Rice has carbohydrates and proteins. We have opted for round white rice but you can also use brown rice that contains more fiber,Next we add the egg .

the minced garlic clove and the minced parsley.

We put a little salt and pepper and mix to form a dough.We form the meatballs and batter them with breadcrumbs until they are completely covered.Fry the chicken and rice meatballs in a frying pan with plenty of boiling oil. We let them brown and we place them on absorbent paper to eliminate excess oil.

Chicken and rice dumplings recipe 2022
Chicken and rice dumplings recipe 2022

As we have said before, if you want some light meatballs you can cook them in the oven.We can serve the chicken and rice meatballs with a spring salad or a quinoa salad . We hope you like them and that you leave us your comments!If you liked the recipe for Chicken and Rice Meatballs ,

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