Easy to make Chicken and Egg Baskets Recipe

If you want to make something very rich and colorful but you don’t feel like cooking a very elaborate dish, these baked chicken and egg baskets are your best allies when it comes to making a delicious starter or appetizer to eat. That is why in this recipe  we are going to teach you how to prepare these chicken baskets , in a simple way and in a very short time.

In this case, we have put chicken and egg as main ingredients, but you can add other combinations that you like, such as a meat sauté with mushrooms .

Easy to make Chicken and Egg Baskets Recipe
Easy to make Chicken and Egg Baskets Recipe

How to make Chicken and Egg Baskets:

First step you have to do to prepare chicken and egg baskets is to gather all ingredients . Next step you can do to save time and get them done as quickly as possible is to cut breasts into small pieces and bring them to a boil.

Next, place mushrooms in a pan and fry them a little. Add diced bacon and fry it all together with a little salt and pepper.

While bacon and mushrooms are cooking , flatten the slices of bread with a kitchen roller, or if you don’t have one, you can also use base of a pot or container, so that slices of stuffed baskets are larger and finer.

Tip: If you want or don’t like it, you can remove crust from sliced ​​bread.

Once chicken is cooked, cut it into thin strips and add it to pan with mushrooms and bacon. Stir-fry it all together for a while longer and add salt and pepper if necessary. Set aside to use as a filling for chicken baskets .

Preheat oven to 200ºC and then take a silicone muffin or cupcake mold and grease each hole with a little butter or oil, so that once baked, chicken and egg baskets come out easily.

Easy to make Chicken and Egg Baskets Recipe
Easy to make Chicken and Egg Baskets Recipe

Then place slices of bread in each of holes pressing a little and fill them with a handful of mixture of chicken, bacon and mushrooms. Then crack eggs on top of each of bread baskets as seen in photograph, add a little salt and pepper on top, and carefully put mold in oven.

Bake chicken and egg baskets for about 15 minutes or until egg white has set, but not yolk, so that it is runny when you put a good bite in, and voila! Remember that you can make other recipes for baskets filled with other ingredients that you like. To enjoy!

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