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Easy to make Cheese recipe for children

Looking for original recipes for Christmas ? Well, here you have a step-by-step recipe, on video, with everything you need to know to make delicious cheeses in the shape of Santa Claus. For this recipe we will use the famous mini Babybel cheeses, because their same wrapping will help us to make a fantastic Christmas decoration for the aperitif table.

Play this tutorial and you will see how easy it is to shape these fun cheeses into Santa Claus. An extra gift for the little ones at home and also for cheese lovers! Because the best in this recipe, in addition to the decoration, is the Philadelphia cream with Parmesan, with the perfect texture and flavor for a true Santa Claus Christmas recipe.

Cheese recipe for children
Cheese recipe for children

Let’s go then with the cheeses for children !

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Making these cheese Santa Claus is super easy, as you can see, the secret is to give that special touch of rough texture to the cream cheese and use your creativity to the maximum to make faces and details that give life to our easy appetizers for Christmas.

This recipe with mini Babybels is perfect for the little ones at home, you’ll see how they will enjoy Christmas in a big way with this surprise on the table. In addition, this recipe for cheese with Philadelphia can be made with the help of your children, so everyone participates and not only will you have an original Christmas recipe , but you can also have a fun time with your family.

Cheese recipe
Easy to make Cheese recipe for children

Play the recipe video to cook right now or save it in your favorites for when you go to prepare quick and easy Christmas appetizers . Do not forget to comment and send us your photos to see how those cheese Santa Claus have turned out. To enjoy!

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