Cat with boots New Top Moral Stories {2021}

Once upon a time there was a miller who lived in an old mill with his three children. When the miller died his eldest son inherited the mill, the middle one the donkey, and his youngest son inherited the cat. The latter was sad because he did not know what to do with a cat. My brothers – said the little one – can earn an honest living working together; But I, what can I do with a cat? If it is not eat it so as not to starve.

The cat that was listening said to its new owner:

—Don’t worry, get me a jacket and boots and I’ll show you that you weren’t as unlucky as you say, in dividing the inheritance with your brothers. The young son did not know what to think of what the cat said, but as he was very skilled at catching rats and mice, he told himself that he could not lose much. Hopefully he would stop being poor. When the cat had what he asked for, he put on his boots, slung his sack over his back, and went hunting in the great meadows that surrounded the mill. It didn’t take long for him to find two pheasants passing by, he sneaked up on them and with a great leap managed to catch them. Glad to have caught two good prey, he gave one to the miller’s youngest son for dinner, and the other he took to the king’s castle. He requested an audience with his majesty, the king received him and the cat said bowing:

 “This is a gift from the Marquis of Carabás, which my owner has commissioned me to deliver, Your Majesty.” “Tell your owner,” said the king, “that I am very grateful for his gift.” Again, the cat went hunting and managed to catch a couple of partridges, and did the same as it had done with the pheasants. The king thanked him again for the gift and invited him to have a glass of wine before leaving. For three months the cat repeated its task several times, taking part of what it hunted to the king. Always saying that it was a gift from the Marqués de Carabás.

The cat with boots
The cat with boots

One day he learned that the king was going for a walk by the river with his daughter the Princess, the most beautiful girl in the kingdom. Wasting no time, Puss in Boots ran to his master’s house and said: “Master, if you follow my advice, you will make your fortune.” You just have to go bathe in the river in the place that I indicate, the rest is my responsibility.

  • Without knowing what it would be for, the miller’s son went into the indicated pool. And there he was, swimming in the crystal clear water until the king’s carriage passed nearby, then the cat began to scream with all his might:
  • “Help, someone help me, the Marquis of Carabás is drowning.”
  • The king heard the screams and immediately recognized the cat, who was the one who brought him the gifts.
  • “Halt, stop the chariot,” said the king. Quick, some of the guards help the Marquis of Carabás.
  • As the poor Marquis was being carried out of the river, Puss in Boots approached the chariot and said to the king:
  • “While my master was bathing, thieves came and took his clothes.” And even though I screamed at the thieves! no one came to our aid.

Actually the cat had hidden his master’s clothes. And the king ordered his guards to fetch one of his suits to dress the young Marquis of Carabas. The suit suited him so well that it seemed made to measure, the truth is that he was a very attractive and well-behaved young man. When the Princess saw him, she blushed. And immediately they gave each other captivating and loving glances that the Princess fell madly in love. The king asked the Marquis to get into the carriage, to accompany him on his walk, and thus get to know each other better.

The cat, delighted to see that his plan was a success, went ahead of the float and found some peasants to whom he said: “Good people, the king will be passing by in a little while.” If he asks you who owns these lands, you must answer that they belong to the Marqués de Carabás. Otherwise I will tell His Majesty to cut you into little pieces and use you as food for the court animals. The king soon arrived and asked the peasants, who were mowing the field, to whom the lands belonged. Of course, all responded that they were from the Marqués de Carabás, for fear of the threat of puss in boots.

The cat with boots 2021
The cat with boots 2021

“You have a beautiful estate, Marquis,” said the king.

“Yes, it is,” replied the Marquis, “and every year it gives a good harvest.”

Puss in boots went ahead of the king, threatening the poor peasants he met, so that they would tell the king that all the lands belonged to the Marques de Carabás. And so it happened, that all the farmers and farmers that the king asked, told him that both the lands and the animals that grazed there, belonged to the Marquis of Carabás.

At last, Puss in Boots arrived at a castle that belonged to an Ogre, the richest in the entire region, since all the lands through which the king had passed belonged to the owner of the castle. The cat, who had been well informed about who this Ogre was, asked to speak to him saying that it would be an honor to greet such an honorable lord. The Ogre received the cat in boots and making a great bow, the cat said:

“I am told that you, Mr. Ogre, have the power to transform into any animal of your choice.” But I don’t think it can be changed, for example, into an elephant or a lion, it is something very difficult to do.

-It’s true! Said the Ogre a little annoyed, “I can transform into any animal!” And I’m going to show you. See how I transform into a lion.

Puss in Boots was so frightened that he jumped to the lamp in the room where the Ogre had received him. When he saw the Ogre return to his normal form, the cat carefully lowered himself.

Ha ha ha! Laughed the Ogre, “do you believe me now?”

“Well, that’s true,” said Puss in Boots, regaining his composure, “but … could it transform into a smaller animal? For example, a mouse.” That is impossible.

-What! Cried the Ogre, so loud that the cat almost fell backward, “now you will see.”

Said and done. The Ogre transformed into a mouse that ran on the ground, and without wasting a second, Puss in Boots threw himself on the small rodent and swallowed it in one bite.

The king finally reached the entrance to the castle. And the cat, hearing the carriage pass over the drawbridge, ran to say to the king:

“Welcome your majesty to the castle of the Marquis of Carabas.”

-Wow! Said the king. “It is a beautiful castle, Marques de Carabás, the garden, the towers and the surrounding houses.” I have never seen anything so beautiful. Let’s look inside, please. The Marquis shook hands with the Princess to get off the royal carriage and they followed the king who went directly to the main hall. The room was beautifully decorated for the party the Ogre had prepared for that night. The king was pleasantly surprised with the wealth that the Marquis of Carabás possessed.

“This must be celebrated,” said the king.

They opened a bottle of wine from the ones on the table, then another, and so on up to three bottles. And after several drinks, seeing that his daughter was so in love with the Marquis, the king said: “Marqués de Carabás, my daughter will have no one but you.” He will marry her and he will be like a son to me. With great obeisances, the Marquis of Carabás thanked him and told him that it would be an honor for him to accept the Princess as his wife. And that same night he married the king’s daughter. So everyone was happy and Puss in Boots became a great gentleman who only ran after mice when he wanted to have fun.


In principle, it seems advantageous to
have a substantial legacy
inherited by succession;
more young people, in short, they
get more from talent and inventiveness
than from position.


If the son of a miller
in a princess can arouse feelings
so close to adoration, it
is because dressing with care,
being young, attractive and attentive
are not alien to seduction.