How to make Carrot Chicken Recipe

Chicken carrot stew is a very simple dish as well as very healthy and nutritious. You can enjoy with your family or friends a tasty and quick recipe, since we are sure you will love it. The chicken with carrot is so tender and delicious, that it will surely quickly become one of your favorite recipes and your guests will repeat without a doubt. Read on to discover in Free Recipes how to make chicken with carrots , a recipe that requires few ingredients and is very easy to make.

How to make Carrot Chicken:

Put a good splash of oil in the pot to fry the chicken . You can use a conventional pot or an express pot, as we will do. If you opt for a slow cooker, you will have to let the stew simmer and count twice as long. Tip: You can use any other part of the chicken or even a whole chicken cut up. The chicken with carrot and onion recipe is the same.

Carrot Chicken Recipe
Carrot Chicken Recipe

When the chicken is browned on the outside, remove it from the pot to continue with the recipe. At this point, we don’t want it to cook inside. In addition, chop the onion and garlic into small pieces, peel the carrot and cut it into long strips and fry all these ingredients in the same pot.Sauté the previous sauce for 5 minutes , stirring over medium heat. After this time, put the chicken thighs in again and pour in the brandy . Let it cook for 2 minutes to allow the alcohol to evaporate.

Add the rest of the ingredients

That is, the mustard, the spices, the salt and, finally, the water. Stir a little to mix everything, close the pot and cook the chicken with carrot for 20 minutes under strong pressure . If you use a conventional pot, you will have to cover it and let the preparation simmer for 30 or 35 minutes.

There will be a spectacular sauce and you will not be able to resist dipping bread. This carrot chicken recipe is so easy to cook and is so rich and light in fat that you will prepare it again more than once. We recommend accompanying the dish with a glass of red wine if adults are going to drink it, of course!

Chicken with carrot – Side dishes

Carrot Chicken Recipe 2022
Carrot Chicken Recipe 2022

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