Easy to make Caper Turkey Recipe

This recipe for turkey alcaparrado is a Mexican dish that we can make with boiled turkey or as an advantage to avoid wasting the remains of roasted turkey that may remain after a meal. Now that we are at parties and there are usually leftovers, we can prepare this dish with the meat that is left over.The traditional preparation is with turkey, but keep in mind that this recipe can also be made with chicken or other meats.

This dish has many variants and, depending on the area, it is made in one way or another. The most common is to prepare the turkey in a salad, because the flavors combine wonderfully. Discover how to make caper turkey in Free Recipes and you will get a quick dish with very good results.

How to make Caper Turkey:

Shred the rest of the turkey you have. If you don’t have one, you can cook the turkey thighs in water, add a splash of oil and some garlic. When it is cooked, strain it, let it cool and crumble it. On the other hand, prepare the vegetables , chop the onion, celery and red pepper into very small pieces.

Caper Turkey Recipe
Caper Turkey Recipe

Put a frying pan with a splash of olive oil, add the vegetables and let them simmer over medium heat When you have the stir-fry, add the pieces of shredded turkey, stir everything together and cook over low heat for about five minutes, being careful not to burn.While the vegetables are cooking with the turkey, prepare the capers , chop the almonds into small pieces, and cut the strips of bell peppers.

When the meat is cooked with the sauce, add the capers and almonds , stir and add some strips of bell pepper.

Prepare a plate or a serving dish, wash some lettuce leaves and put them as a base, add all the sauce with the meat . Cut more bell pepper strips and top them to taste.Prepare a homemade mayonnaise or buy it already made if it is summer because of the heat.

Depending on the time, it is better to compare it already done and thus we make sure that it is good.Pour the mayonnaise sauce over the meat, stir and mix everything . If you prefer, you can also serve the mayonnaise in a bowl so that each guest can serve themselves as they please on their plate. And voila, your caper turkey is ready to eat! If you liked the recipe for Caper Turkey , we suggest you enter our Turkey Recipes category .

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Caper Turkey Recipe
Caper Turkey Recipe

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