Easy to make Cachangas with cheese recipe

Word cachanga comes from the term “kachangu”, this dish was used to conquer women, since it was a show of gallantry. On some occasions, they were bathed in honey or powdered sugar to make this recipe more attractive. We point out that in Tacna, a city in Peru, an event called “Miss Cachanga Verano” is held every year, in this place different dresses made with this delicious bread are made.

The cachangas with cheese are used to consume for breakfast or dinner accompanied by a barley or a delicious coffee. Wondering how to make cheese cachangas? At RecetasGratis we want to teach you how to prepare this delicious and historic bread from your home. Follow these steps and enjoy some delicious cheese stuffed cachangas !

How to make Cachangas with cheese:

Are you wondering how to prepare cachangas with cheese? Well, first you must cut the cheese into thin slices and reserve in the refrigerator. Tip: it is better to use a cheese that melts easily and test if it is salty. Skip adding salt to the cheese if it is salty.

In a medium bowl mix the flour, salt and baking powder . On a clean surface, form a fountain with the help of a bowl. In the center of the fountain add the beaten egg, the water and the sugar . You should also sprinkle the anise. With clean hands, incorporate the ingredients well into the center of the fountain.

When the dough is smooth .

Add the butter little by little and knead for about 5-7 minutes until the dough is smooth. Tip: it is important that the butter is at room temperature. With the help of a scale, weigh 50 gram balls . With the help of a rolling pin, stretch the dough into thin discs .

Cachangas with cheese recipe
Cachangas with cheese recipe

Place the cheese right in the center of the discs and close with the help of a fork. In a deep frying pan, add the vegetable oil and f laugh the Peruvian cachangas and turn when they are golden brown.Ready and eat these cachangas rich with cheese! What did you think of this recipe for Peruvian cachangas? Tell us your experience in the comments. If you liked the Cachangas con queso recipe , we suggest you enter our Bread Recipes category .

Anise, present in different dishes

Anise is a seed that is used in different dishes, especially in desserts. It is traditionally used as an infusion or as a flavor enhancer . It is used to treat various problems such as tummy ache, headache or upset stomach, menstrual cramps, inflammation in the mouth, throat and also to treat coughs.

Cachangas with cheese recipe 2022
Cachangas with cheese recipe 2022

In addition, anise also helps to avoid the fermentation of food in the stomach helping to avoid the formation of gases. As we have commented previously, cachangas with sweets is also a delicious dessert that you can make for yourself and your loved ones. Do you want to learn how to prepare more Peruvian recipes ? Don’t miss these recipes:

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