Easy to Make Broad Bean Omelette Recipe

Like many of the recipes that you will find in the blog of La Cocina de Juani , the bean omelette is a classic Spanish recipe that is easy to prepare, nutritious and delicious. Follow the recipe step by step and discover how to prepare a perfect bean omelette for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Ingredients to make bean omelette:

  • 750 grams of fresh beans
  • 3 units of Chives
  • 1 medium potato unit
  • 5 units of Egg
  • 1 dash of olive oil
  • 1 pinch of salt
Easy to Make Broad Bean Omelette Recipe
Easy to Make Broad Bean Omelette Recipe

How to make bean omelette:

Step NO 1

To make this omelette, the first thing you should do is shell the beans .

Step NO 2

In addition, prepare the rest of the vegetables , cutting the chives in julienne strips and peeling and chopping the potatoes as if it were a classic Spanish omelette .

Step NO 3

Heat the oil in a frying pan and fry the beans and potatoes for about 5 minutes. After this time, add the onion and sauté everything together.

Step NO 4

Add a little salt to the preparation and cook over medium-low heat with the pan covered for about 20 minutes. Remember to stir or turn the ingredients so that nothing burns.

Easy to Make Broad Bean Omelette Recipe
Easy to Make Broad Bean Omelette Recipe

Step NO 5

Meanwhile, beat the eggs with a little salt and when the 20 minutes have passed, add them to the pan. Let the tortilla set to taste and flip it if necessary.

Step NO 6

Enjoy the bean omelette at any time of the day, serve it as a garnish for some chicken flamenquins , use it as an ingredient for a powerful sandwich for breakfast or for some tortilla skewers .

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