Best series to watch on Caracol Play

These are some of the best series that you will be able to see on Caracol TV: Mafia dolls, La Tusa or Amar y vivir, are some examples.

Caracol TV is one of the most popular channels in Latin America and we are not surprised: its platform has a wide variety of entertaining series that will make you spend hours and hours glued to the television. If you are looking for inspiration to find the right series, keep reading: below we will tell you which are the Caracol TV series that have managed to hook us.

Remember that Caracol Play belongs to the Colombian television network Caracol Televisión, therefore it will have much more Colombian content. If you want to access the platform from outside of Colombia, we recommend that you use a VPN to change your IP address, such as NordVPN or ExpressVPN , two of our favorite VPNs. 

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1. The mafia dolls

The mafia dolls
mafia dolls Caracol

This series tells the story of five women who live in the fictional city of El Carmen. From them we will discover their dreams and ambitions, their stories of love and heartbreak and especially the power struggles within the dangerous world of drug trafficking.

2. Surviving Escobar: Alias ​​JJ

This police drama is inspired by the book written by who was Pablo Escobar’s right-hand man, that is, Jario Velásquez, also known by his alias, Popeye. The series will tell us nothing about myself and nothing less about his story, narrating how the presence in his life of drug trafficker Pablo Escobar changed him forever.

3. La Tusa: Men cry too

In this case we are facing a telenovela adapted from the Argentine film No sos vos, soy yo. Although in Colombia it is known as La Tusa, in other countries where it was also broadcast it is known as Men Also Cry.

The story will focus on Javier, a doctor happily married to a perfect woman: María. María is beautiful and glamorous, and Javier doesn’t earn enough to keep up with his life. In order to earn more money, Maria decides to travel to another country. It will be then when the plot of La Tusa lets us see through Javier how men are also sensitive, cry and suffer for love.

4. Love and live

Loving and Living tells the love story between Irene, a singer, and Joaquín, a mechanic. Their destiny intersects one day and they quickly realize that they cannot live without each other. Still, not everything will be easy, there will be pain, drama and deception.

5. The white slave

Victoria is just a baby when her parents are murdered, since then, she has been raised in a town of black slaves as if she were one of them. When a group of criosollos from Gran Colombia in the 19th century discover the town, the girl is sent to Spain to be raised in a nunnery, since then a white girl could not be raised with black people.

Time passes and the young woman acquires a new identity to return to Colombia, her place of origin and reunite with her family to free them from slavery.

6. Perfect lies

We are facing the story of three people who will have to live the most complicated and treacherous situations. On the one hand, Santiago, a man who always follows the rules, trapped in a boring and conventional marriage. On the other hand, Cristóbal, attractive, partying, ambitious and a surgeon. And finally, Julia, a frustrated doctor who had to abandon her studies after the birth of her son, always living under the shadow of Santiago.

7. Los Morales

Los Morales is the Colombian series that will tell us the story of this legacy of musicians that begins with Miguel Morales, continues with his son Kaleth Morales and later with his brothers to form the group K Morales. Los Morales represented a before and after in the history of music.