24 Best series in Movistar in (2022)

As you know, Movistar is a company that offers mobile phone and Internet services. However, for years it has also offered packages to watch pay TV. With the arrival of streaming platforms, Movistar created Movistar +, that is, its own platform for streaming series and movies. Normally, the platform is contracted within packages that also include mobile and / or Internet rates.

You can subscribe to the Movistar + streaming series service for € 7 per month (VAT included). If you need more information, you can access the official Movistar + page by clicking on this link . If you want to know what series Movistar + offers on its platform or, if you already have Movistar + and are looking for inspiration to find the right series, keep reading: we will tell you which are the best series on Movistar +.

Best Movistar + series

Best Movistar + series
Best Movistar + series

1. Anti-riot Movistar

A tragic event occurs while six riot police carry out an eviction in the center of Madrid. It will be then that an Internal Affairs team has to investigate what really happened in that eviction. The riot police will try to get rid of themselves, making their lives even more complicated.

2. The hustlers

Four adolescent boys escape from the psychiatric hospital in which they live despite their clinical diagnoses to live their lives freely. Young people live with humor, feeling that it is society that is sick and not them. In their flight they will undertake a journey to find the brother of one of them.

3. Iron

A judge is assigned to the island of El Hierro in the Canary Islands to instruct a very controversial case: a blacksmith is murdered on his wedding day with the daughter of Díaz, a wealthy businessman who becomes the first suspect. The judge and the businessman will fight from opposite sides to discover who the real murderer really is.

4. Shame (2017)

Jesús and Nuria are the leading couple in this original Movistar + production, in which they will experience the most embarrassing situations, so much so that they come to touch (and even overcome) pathos.

The viewer will feel a mixture of sorrow, laughter and embarrassment, before the experiences of this marriage between a photographer of weddings, baptisms and communions and a stop. Both are specialists in “screw up”, again and again they will have to get out of uncomfortable situations, almost always caused by the “not knowing how to be” of the photographer.

The short, entertaining and addictive series is a gift for anyone who wants to have a good time. You will end up loving their characters and even feeling sorry for them.  Highly recommended for all lovers of Spanish comedy.

5. The Plague (2018)

Plague will transport you to 16th century Seville, a time when the city was torn between life and death due to the plague. Among the evils of the epidemic, political and religious plots will be mixed that will keep the viewer in suspense at all times. This great original Movistar + production, created by Alberto Rodríguez and Rafael Cobos, allocated ten million euros to the distribution of its first season.

Its very expensive artistic direction, capable of recreating different scenarios from the past, both indoors and outdoors, puts it at the height (in terms of aesthetics) of such prestigious series as Game of Thrones.

6. The Zone (2017)

There is something that does not allow death to rest.” After the very serious accident of a nuclear reactor that took place three years ago, Inspector Héctor Uría returns to his job as an inspector after being the only survivor of the group who came to help after the catastrophe. 

The inspector will have to enter the Exclusion Zone of the nuclear power plant where the accident occurred, in northern Spain, to investigate the case of a macabre murder. This interesting and macabre thriller brings us closer to another original Movistar + blockbuster, this time directed by Jorge and Alberto Sánchez-Cabezudo. The suspense, crime, blood and intrigue are assured.

7. Nurse Jackie

Drug addict Liar. Unfaithful. These are the three words that define the protagonist of the black humor series Nurse Jackie, Nurse Jackie in Spanish. The nurse, who works in the emergency department of a hospital in central New York, leads an apparently normal life: married, with two children and with a good job.

However, the plot will show Jackie’s true reality: her addiction to tranquilizers, her sexual relationships with co-workers and her lies in order to continue living the double life she decides to live. The series has been described by Showtime as “malicious, heartbreaking and funny.”

8. Look what you’ve done (2018)

Look what you’ve done is another of the original Movistar + series that has managed to hook us. This time, Berto and Sandra bring us closer to the change of life that the arrival of their first baby will mean for them: Lucas.

Both will see how their reality changes suddenly, without time to transitions. Little by little they will have to overcome new challenges and get used to their new situation as new parents. This cute and funny comedy will make all couples who are going through the same situation fall in love. It’s agile, it’s real, and most of all, it’s entertaining.

9. The Royals (2015)

Royals tells the story of a fictional contemporary British royal family. The princes and the princess will enjoy all kinds of earthly pleasures, without worrying about anything, since it is their older brother Robert who will inherit the crown and with it all the responsibilities.

However, everything changes when a terrible drama happens. The family will have to cope with different situations, and always under the harsh gaze of the public eye. After all, they are the British royal family.

10. Game of Thrones (2011)

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones

We couldn’t complete this list without including Game of Thrones. The gripping story based on the novels by George RR Martin that has been followed by millions of fans around the world since 2011.

Game of Thrones transports us to a fictional world where dragons, white walkers, battles between kingdoms and struggles to take over an iron throne are the order of the day. There are many plots that intermingle throughout the 7 seasons already broadcast, but all of them will get your attention.

Game of Thrones is one of those series that makes you fall in love and hook, making you live each plot as if it were yours. The magic of this blockbuster will make you can’t stop watching chapter after chapter, making you wait for each new season as if there were no tomorrow.

For all those who are looking forward to the eighth and final season: HBO has confirmed that the premiere date will take place in 2019.

11. Girls (2012)

Girls is authentic. A group of girls in their twenties move to New York. In the city of the Big Apple, young women will have to survive poorly paid jobs, arguments with roommates, heartbreak and endless situations as real as life itself.

This American television series will get you more than one smile. Its protagonists are so authentic that loving them becomes an easy task. Their stories are so entertaining that getting hooked on the plot will cost you even less. Girls is one of those series that makes you fall in love.

12. Shameless (2011)

This British series centers its plot on the story of a dysfunctional family: an alcoholic father, whose wife abandons him, leaving him in charge of their six children. However, the father’s problems with alcohol will make the children the ones who have to learn to take care of themselves.

Shameless will convince you from the first chapter, producing that much desired effect that arises when we see a good series of wanting to see one chapter after another.

13. True detective

True detective becomes the typical American police series that cannot be missing in a selection of the best series. Creator, Nic Pizzolatto, brings us closer to the story of two Louisiana detectives who decide to re-investigate a case from the past in which both had already worked.

This return to the past will lead both of them towards a dark reality in which nothing is what it seems to be. Series, in addition to being a mystery, will allow you to closely follow the evolution of the two main characters, who in the first season are represented by the great duo of actors Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson.

14. SMILF (2017)

This close and agile comedy that tells the story of Bridget, a single mother who lives in a small apartment in Boston with her son Larry. The young woman works as a support teacher for the children of a wealthy family, but her true dream is to become an actress and succeed in the women’s basketball league.

SMILF bases its acronym on the pornographic term MILF, the S stands for ‘ single’ or ‘single’ in Spanish. With this, the series transmits the message that a young, single woman with a child does not have to surrender to motherhood and give up everything she has always dreamed of.

15. Giants (2018)

Crime, action and blood are the main components of this Spanish series directed by Enrique Urbizu and Jorge Dorado. In it, you will learn about the history of the Guerrero family, who have made the sale of furniture a perfect cover for their criminal activities.

Gigantes also brings us closer to the story of a police officer who has been closely following this entire criminal family for years and who will carry out a thorough investigation to try to arrest and convict them.

16. Madrid Burns (2018)

Arde Madrid is a miniseries since it is divided into eight episodes in which the life of Ava Gardner is told, centered on the years that the actress from the United States spent living in the Spanish capital.

The focus the series takes is on the people who were in the service of the international star. The plot begins when in 1961, Ana Mari receives the order by order of Franco to work in the house of the actress to spy on her obtaining any type of useful information. To do this, she will have to pretend that she is married to Manolo, Ava Gardner’s driver.

The series tells of two opposite realities: the open mentality and openness to the sexual freedom of the American actress, reflected in all the parties she celebrates, to the catheteism and the delay in the acceptance of a free sexuality of the Spaniards of that time .

17. Jane the virgin

Jane is a young woman of Venezuelan origin who lives a life of chastity and sexual repression in Miami. The reason? A promise she made to her grandmother as a child: she would remain a virgin until marriage.

17. Jane the virgin
17. Jane the virgin

For this reason, the young woman, despite being engaged to a city police detective, continues to stay true to her promise. The plot of this American tragicomedy takes a turn when Jane goes to the doctor and is told that she is pregnant. How is it possible for a virgin woman to get pregnant?

18. On death row

This is the series that recreates the story told in the homonymous book written by Nacho Carretero. Pablo Ibar was accused of having murdered three people in Florida in 1994. The series will tell us how everything happened from the beginning from a biographical perspective.

The story of few chapters engages from beginning to end and immerses you in the drama of a condemned to the death penalty who defends being innocent. The series brings us closer to a real case that was followed by the media for years around the world.

19. Instinct

Instinto is a Spanish thriller that has a touch that reminds us of the Fifty Shades of Gray saga. Marco is a young businessman who sees his life upset with the arrival of a new employee.

The young man, who is about to launch a prototype electric car called CICLÓN, has a very inactive social life. His only social activities are based on seeing his psychologist Sara and attending a private club that proposes the most erotic activities.

20. Merlí: Sapere Aude

Merlí has ​​just died. Pol doesn’t know what to do with his future. His family encourages him to follow in the footsteps of his teacher and enter the Faculty of Philosophy. So that will be the decision the young man makes: he will go to college.

There he will live a lot of adventures, he will know his sexuality, he will learn and he will live with different people. It is one of the most popular youth series on Movistar, which combines Catalan and Spanish in all its chapters.

21. Young Sheldon

Lovers of The Big Bang Theory will love this sequel that tells the childhood of young Sheldon, one of the most popular characters in the series. Set in 1989, we can see how the very young Sheldon starts high school at the age of 9.

Sheldon and his already privileged mind will have to learn to deal with a world quite different from the one that has always been difficult for him to fit in. It is a humane, fun and agile story capable of entertaining without much consideration.

22. Castle Rock

If you are a fan of Stephen King novels, you will undoubtedly like this psychological horror series. Each season will tell a different story, all of them will have in common the mythology and the universe of Stephen King. The name of the series refers to a city in which many of the renowned author’s novels have been set.

Best Movistar
Best Movistar

23. Mr Robot

Elliot is a young computer scientist who does not have many social skills and who also leads a double life. In the morning he works as a cybersecurity technician for a major company, and at night he works as a cyber vigilante. His desire to defend justice through the Internet will lead him to find himself involved in a dark plot that will cost him a lot to understand.

24. The invisible line

Exciting original Movistar + series tells the story of the time when the terrorist group ETA changed its strategy to become a terrorist group instead of an anti-Franco rebel group. We will live closely the first two murders of the gang.

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