Easy to make Battered Chicken Thighs Recipe

A very easy recipe to prepare that adults and children enjoy. The battered chicken thighs are an ideal dish for a family meal, the secret is in the marinade and the recipe is truly simple.

Follow Angela Osal’s instructions and enjoy a delicious and crispy fried chicken . Learn to cook and discover new ideas for your menu at

Easy to make Battered Chicken Thighs Recipe
Easy to make Battered Chicken Thighs Recipe

How to make breaded chicken thighs:

Step No 1

Wash and dry the chicken thighs, remove the skin and pull the meat back to reveal the end of the bone.

Step NO 2

Separately, chop the bay leaf in a bowl, add enough salt and add the chicken thighs. Add water until covered and keep in this marinade for 10 hours or overnight.

Step NO 3

On the day of preparation, remove the chicken thighs from the marinade and scoop them out lightly. Pass the pieces first through the beaten egg and then through the breadcrumbs.

Tip: If you want them to be more crispy, you can use crushed corn flakes, Doritos or potato chips to coat the chicken.

Step NO 4

To cook the chicken, heat plenty of oil in a deep frying pan and fry the chicken over medium heat so that it is well done on the inside. Drain it on absorbent kitchen paper to remove excess fat.

Easy to make Battered Chicken Thighs Recipe
Easy to make Battered Chicken Thighs Recipe

Serve and enjoy the battered chicken thighs accompanied with the typical French fries , an American coleslaw or a good portion of mashed potatoes .

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