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How to make Baked Turkey Breast Recipe

In the seasons of Christmas or Thanksgiving it is very common to eat turkey meat. This is a bird native to North America and can be consumed in different presentations, both hot and cold. This time I have made in RecetasGratis a baked turkey breast marinated with an exquisite sweet and sour sauce, ideal to serve at the table as a main dish at Christmas Eve dinner for example. Discover all the steps below.

How to make Baked Turkey Breast:

Getting all the ingredients ready is the first step before making the easy baked turkey breast.In a bowl, mix the orange juice, the brown sugar, the dried rosemary powder and the mustard until you get a homogeneous mixture, since the sugar should be completely dissolved .Open the breast and salt and pepper very well, then brush with the marinade all over.

Baked Turkey Breast Recipe
Baked Turkey Breast Recipe

Close the turkey breast, salt and pepper and brush on the outside with the marinade. With a thick thread , tie the breast so that it retains its shape in the oven and leave it in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours.After this time, cook the turkey breast in the oven with mustard for 30 minutes , with the oven preheated to 170-180 ÂșC. As it cooks, take it out and brush with the marinade so that it acquires more flavor and the piece is golden.Tip: The cooking time for the baked turkey breast will vary according to each oven, but 30 minutes is the most standard.

Finally, serve the baked turkey breast

With the sauce from the marinade by removing the bridle string, thus obtaining a juicy and tender meat. To do this, in a pan heat the sauce for 5 minutes until it boils and is thick, then rectify the flavor with salt and pepper. If you liked this Christmas recipe or have any comments or concerns, give us your opinion.If you liked the recipe for Baked Turkey Breast , we suggest you enter our Turkey Recipes category .

With what to accompany the baked turkey breast

Baked Turkey Breast Recipe 2022
Baked Turkey Breast Recipe 2022

Now that you know how to make easy baked turkey breast, you can serve it with thick potato chips with fine herbs, baked sweet potato sticks, or a cold potato salad . Other garnishes are:

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