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How to make Baked stuffed chicken recipe with potatoes

In this recipe we will explain how to make a stuffed chicken in the oven with potatoes , you will see that with the photos it is very easy to know how to make the recipe. This is a typical Christmas recipe, although you can also make it during any time of the year. Cheer up and cook with Free Recipes!

How to make Baked Stuffed Chicken with Potatoes:

As promised is a debt, here is the recipe for the stuffed chicken. The filling can be made whatever you want, according to your taste. We start by deboning the chicken .We make the filling , put it on the chicken thigh, close and flange. We seal it in a pan and bake for about 15/20 minutes at 180 ° C. The potatoes can be made in the Canarian style, like wrinkled potatoes : boiled with the skin in water and salt.

Baked stuffed chicken recipe with potatoes
Baked stuffed chicken recipe with potatoes

We make the béarnaise sauce . In a saucepan we put the finely chopped shallot, the tarragon, the tarragon vinegar, the white wine and let it reduce to a third more or less. We strain and reserve.We clarify the butter . It is about heating it over low heat, separating, removing the milk solids (the foam that is on top) and leaving only the fat (I will make a post with this process).

We put a container in a bain-marie.

Beat the eggs and add the clarified butter very little by little, like a trickle, and we emulsify like a mayonnaise . Once emulsified, we add the reduction, some salt and a splash of lime. We rectify the emulsion and that’s it.

Baked stuffed chicken recipe with potatoes 2022
Baked stuffed chicken recipe with potatoes 2022

The plating of the baked stuffed chicken with potatoes is to your liking. I have divided the chicken into two pieces, two halves of potatoes and the sauce is part underneath and part on top of the potatoes. It is complicated in terms of the steps to follow but it is worth it. You will tell me when you do it. Enjoy! If you liked the recipe for Stuffed Chicken in the oven with potatoes , we suggest you enter our Chicken Recipes category .

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