How to make Baked Herb Chicken Breast Recipe

Chicken breast is one of the most versatile cuts, since it can be cooked in a thousand different ways. In addition, it is a healthy protein, easy to get, practical to cook and inexpensive. It has a great flavor, which adapts and combines with an infinite number of ingredients. For all these reasons, on this occasion, in RecetasGratis, we bring you a delicious roast chicken recipe , specifically delicious chicken breasts with fine herbs.

Imagine, the smooth texture of the chicken combined with a flavor of varied spices, we promise that it will be an incredible experience for the palate.If you want to know how to make chicken breast with fine herbs in the oven , we invite you to join us to know the step by step of this delicious recipe, you will see that you will love it!

How to make Baked Herb Chicken Breast:

To begin, we present the ingredients that we will need to prepare this exquisite chicken breast with fine herbs in the oven .We start the baked chicken recipe by preparing a mixture of some ingredients, in which we will marinate the chicken breasts. For this, we take the onion, garlic, cumin, milk , a pinch of salt and a pinch of pepper and grind it all in a molcajete.

Baked Herb Chicken Breast Recipe
Baked Herb Chicken Breast Recipe

In case of not having, we can mix these ingredients in the blender until we obtain a homogeneous mixture.Now, with the mixture obtained, we bathe the chicken breasts and let them marinate for approximately 10 minutes. In this way, the baked chicken with herbs will have much more flavor and will be juicier.

On the other hand, we take the spices (thyme, marjoram, oregano and epazote) and we begin to chop them finely , as we can see in the following image. Once everything is chopped, we mix these seasonings.

We bake the chicken breast

After the time of marinating the breasts, we take one by one and we are going to cover them with a layer of the mixture of spices. Once ready, we take a grill, sprinkle a little cooking spray and place each fillet to prepare the roasted chicken with the fine herbs.With the fine herbs for 15 minutes at 180 ºC. When using a grill, it is not necessary to flip the rotisserie chicken as it will already cook on both sides.

Baked Herb Chicken Breast Recipe 2022
Baked Herb Chicken Breast Recipe 2022

If you don’t have it, then you should turn it over halfway through cooking. After this time our breasts will be ready. Remove the roast chicken from the oven and serve it hot. You can accompany your baked fine herb chicken breasts with a little white rice with red paprika and refried beans .

Enjoy! If you liked the recipe for Chicken Breast with fine herbs in the oven , we suggest you enter our category of Chicken Recipes .

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