How to make Baked BBQ Chicken Wings Recipe

We love the taste of barbecue! And if we get it with a recipe as simple as this one, we like it even more. Yes, although it may not seem like it, preparing these barbecue chicken wings is very, very easy. In addition, as they require a resting time of about two hours,

We can take advantage of that time to prepare a quick dessert, such as raspberry tiramisu or chocolate coulant , or chat with friends. Keep reading and discover the step by step to learn how to cook these irresistible barbecue wings in the oven .

How to make Baked BBQ Chicken Wings:

The first thing we must do to start preparing these incredible barbecue wings is to get all the ingredients ready. For indicated in the ingredients with cups and small cups, we have used a long cup for the large ones and a short coffee cup for the small ones. You can appreciate the difference in the photograph.

Baked BBQ Chicken Wings Recipe
Baked BBQ Chicken Wings Recipe

Once the issue of measurements is cleared up, let’s get started! Peel and chop the onion . We take a deep frying pan, add three or four tablespoons of olive oil and let it heat up. Once the oil is hot, add the onion and poach it over medium heat, slowly. 

When we see that the onion begins to change color, we can add the rest of the ingredients , except the wings. We are adding them little by little, stirring for one or two minutes and letting them integrate before incorporating the next one.


  • Be careful! When the sauce is cooked, its flavor is enhanced, so I recommend that you try it to add the appropriate amounts.

When the barbecue sauce is ready.

We pass it through the blender. Then, we take a freezer bag, add the chicken wings, the sauce, close the bag, shake, massage and marinate for at least two or three hours.We preheat the oven to 190ºC. When it is hot, we place the barbecue wings on a tray or platter and place them in the oven .

We will have to control them to turn them over and get them to roast evenly. Depending on the power of your oven and your tastes in terms of cooking, they will take more or less to cook.   Tip: Prepare the sauce in the morning so that when baking it has more flavor.

Baked BBQ Chicken Wings Recipe 2022
Baked BBQ Chicken Wings Recipe 2022

To make them crispy, once they have taken color, we will place them on the side of the hardest skin and activate the grill function for a few minutes. Ready! We already have our baked barbecue chicken wings ready to serve. If you want, you can reserve the sauce that was left in the plastic bag, reduce it to the heat, add a pinch of tabasco and serve it separately for those who want to add a touch of spice.

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