Easy to make Avocado Aioli Recipe

Avocado aioli is a very easy and delicious recipe, and it can also get you out of trouble at breakfast or in a meeting with friends. We note that aioli is a Mediterranean sauce that is made with garlic and sunflower oil, over time it spread throughout Europe, but has its origin in Spain. Well, a healthy option is the avocado aioli that over the years has become very popular thanks to its versatility in different dishes, this can be accompanied by a sandwich, wrap, meat, among other dishes. 

Wondering how to make avocado aioli? At RecetasGratis we want to teach you how to prepare this delicious dish from your home. Follow these steps and make an avocado aioli to share with friends or family!

How to make Avocado Aioli:

To start with the avocado aioli recipe without egg, you must first cut the avocado in half and remove the bone from the center.Remove the skin from the avocado, cut it into medium pieces and reserve.Peel the garlic clove and remove the germ that is inside it.Extract the lemon juice and reserve in a bowl. In a blender, place the previously peeled and pitted avocado .

Avocado Aioli Recipe
Avocado Aioli Recipe

Likewise, you should also add the garlic, lemon juice, a pinch of salt and a dash of olive oil. Blend all the ingredients. The avocado aioli recipe is almost ready! Stop blending when all the integrated ingredients are found and a homogeneous paste is formed . The sauce should not be too liquid or too thick, keep in mind that it should have a texture similar to mayonnaise. 

When the avocado aioli is ready, store in a previously sterilized glass jar. Ready to enjoy ! Tip: to sterilize the jars you can place them in boiling water. If you liked the Avocado Alioli recipe , we suggest you enter our category of Green Sauces Recipes .

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Avocado Aioli Recipe 2022
Avocado Aioli Recipe 2022

The avocado, avocado or paltero is a fruit that has multiple health benefits due to its high content of vitamins K, C and B, it benefits the immune and neurological system. On the other hand, it is a fruit rich in potassium, it even contains more than bananas. If you want to learn how to make other aioli recipes , don’t miss the following articles:

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