Easy to make Artichoke omelette recipe

Let’s go with an artichoke omelette ! Now they are at their best, so you have to take advantage of how good they are to prepare recipes like this one. Prepared in an omelette, artichokes are ideal, as they are rich and juicy. Without a doubt, it is an ideal dish for a dinner, since it is a healthy and light dish and a good way to introduce vegetables at home, especially to little ones.

Here you have step by step, which is very simple, to learn how to make an artichoke omelette .

Artichoke omelette
Easy to make Artichoke omelette recipe

Ingredients to make artichoke omelette:

  • 4 artichokes
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 dash of olive oil
  • 1 pinch of salt

How to make artichoke omelette:

Step  NO 1

We prepare ingredients to make our fresh artichoke omelette.

Step  NO 2

First thing will be to clean artichokes . To do this, we remove stem and all greener and harder leaves, thus leaving most tender of artichoke.

Step  NO  3

We cut artichokes in half and then cut them very finely. We put a frying pan over medium heat with a good jet of oil and, as we cut artichokes, we add them to pan, so that they do not turn black.

Step  NO  4

We let them cook over medium heat. When we have them all cut, we add a little salt and let them cook. Stir occasionally.

Step  NO 5

We can let artichokes remain tender or cook them a little more so that they are more golden. When they are to our liking, we remove them from fire.

Step  NO 6

In a bowl, beat eggs with a little salt and mix them with artichokes.

Step  NO 7

We return pan to fire with a little oil and dump all mixture. When we see that it is half done, we turn artichoke omelette.

Artichoke omelette recipe
Artichoke omelette recipe

Step  NO 8

We let it cook until done. We serve fresh artichoke omelette accompanied by a green salad , or whatever we like most. Head over to my blog Cooking with Montse and discover all my recipes.

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