4 short children’s stories for three-year-olds

Young children are continually learning from what they see, what they hear, and what they read. Reading short children’s stories for children is a very important way to teach them values ​​such as solidarity, love of neighbor and respect for others and a great way for them to reflect and learn about life . Set aside a time each night to spend with your children and enjoy the pleasure of reading with them. The stories will bring them important benefits such as the following:

stories for children 2021
4 short children’s stories for three-year-olds

Concentration . They will learn to keep their attention on the story the story tells and will be able to apply this skill in other aspects of their lives such as study or play .
Creativity . Children are creative by nature, and stories help them develop their immense capacity for imagining and dreaming.
Stimulation of reading comprehension . Stories for young children are often accompanied by striking images to facilitate reading comprehension.
Fun with your parents . Your kids will want to spend time with you every day, and reading a story with them is a great way to enjoy some time together.
Short children’s stories for three-year-olds
Although there are thousands of stories, we propose four for you to choose and have a fun reading time with your children:

‘The fable of the hare and the tortoise’: an example of the importance of respect

Sometimes we see people making fun of others or treating them with little respect. This fable about the hare and the tortoise teaches us that it is important to appreciate differences, that we should never believe ourselves to be superior and that it is not okay to make fun of those who are different.

Learning these lessons will make our children more open-minded and more supportive of others.

‘Luna’: learn words in a simple way

If there is something that children like to sing. With this sung story they will learn new words. You can help them at the beginning and then let them say the missing words. You will see that with the rhythm of the song they learn and have fun.

stories for children
4 short children’s stories for three-year-olds

‘The gluttonous little caterpillar’: a tale about change

The tale of the gluttonous little caterpillar tells, through beautiful illustrations, the story of a caterpillar that, despite its small size, could not stop eating. He ate so much, so much that he grew a lot and became a beautiful butterfly. It is about children understanding the transformation that occurs throughout life and how it grows into an adult. In addition to the book, you can buy caterpillar games and puppets.

‘Pinocchio’: the classic story to discover the importance of telling the truth

We all know the famous story of the wooden doll whose nose grew when it lied. Pinocchio is a classic tale that teaches children the importance of not lying, kindness, friendship, and happiness.